Saturday, June 06, 2009

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

After trying so many base makeup items and always getting some serious cakey-ness (every single brand I have tried) , allergic reaction (Anna Sui, Bare Escentual, Shiseido, Lancome, Etude primer...) and break out if not all of the above. I am serious. I realized that pressed powder, foundation and concealer are my mortal enemy so I tried to stay away from them whenever possible.

But tinted moisturizer are OK right? Since they are design to even out instead of cover I got the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in nude. ( Although I don't use moisturizer on my face, simply because I have normal skin and I see no point putting moisturizer on it when there is no need.The shade Nude is second to the lightest shade in this range. On my hand, it is a bit darker and quite yellow compared to my skin. (I never ever tried tester on my face, because I am anal) Since my face is tanner than my hands (and this does blend in seamlessly), I decided it would be a good match.

1st Disappointment
While it doesn't really cover much, it manages to cake like mad. It looks like a layer of uneven smeared on gunk. The gunk is also kind of expensive, like almost 40 bucks...

2nd Disappointment
While my face is a bit tanner than my hands as I always stick my hands in my pockets, it's also a lot more pinkish because the thinner epidermis (?) . This particular shade, darkness wise, is a decent enough match...But it has a strong yellow tinge to it which makes me look pretty ridiculous, like my face is yellow but my neck, arms and legs (summer shorts) are all pinkish...

3rd Disappointment
The texture of this isn't super light but I thought I could deal with the mild heaviness. But for some reason, after a day, I start getting those tiny red bumps allover my face along with breakout. I was thinking maybe I was using it in the wrong way so I tried two more times making sure I am away from stuff that I might be allergic to. But no, the massive bumping is caused by this shit and it got worse every attempt. (Maybe it has gone bad?)


  1. Everyone i know hates this. I wonder how it has such a god repuation.. i feel lied to by the cosmetic companies. It really irritated me and it felt so heavy and thick.

    Great review by the way.. so thorough!!!

  2. Such a disappointment from a high-end brand like laura mercier. Sigh~

    Hehe i'm not a fan of makeup base/primer whatsoever.. I find it too time-consuming to apply so many products on my acne-prone/combination skin. But thank God my BeneFit that gal works wonders!

  3. thanks for this review, everyone's been raving about this brand and their tinted moisturizers! glad i read your review

  4. as I know mostly tinted moisturizer has light coverage. Seems like u have very sensitive skin, maybe u can try organic makeup. Just my opinion =p

  5. Tali:
    I went to makeup alley and this has pretty good review. I really don't get why, I mean, this does has a minimal coverage that still managed to be super heavy...

    I am ok with makeup base (the only one I have that works OK is Sana UV base but it dosen't do much) but every base makeup (concealer, foundation, pressed powder managed to cake and some of them cause really bad allergic reations...)
    I think it might depend on people, I have normal skin so this is a bit too much, it might work for people with dry skin, but I don't know, it all depends.

    Thanks for the advise, I have tried several organic blush/pressed powder and skin care items. They look really bad (cakey muddey or the color is off...) , and many times, I get worst allergic reaction from the organic ones...

    I think I am just reactive to certain products, chemicals are actually not bad, at least I haven't had any problem with Shiseido/Elizabeth arden/Estee lauder yet...but they don't do much to my skin anyway...

  6. Hahaha... can't help but laugh at the image of yellow face with pink everywhere else... xD That does seem quite ridiculous! You're one of the rare poeple with paler hands than your face! xD

  7. Hi Fuz:
    I just tan very easily (get back pale easily as well) and unless I am covering my whole face literally, I will get a few shades darker within a day...I am also a bit lazy to put on sun screen now since the American ones are too thick.

  8. Hi!

    Too bad it doesnt work for you. I have been using the oil-free tinted moisturizer for a few months now and I like it. =) It really doesnt do much for my dark eye circles but it really does help even out my skin tone. But having said that..while i'm putting on this tinted moisturizer...why not just put on foundation. =P Anyways...maybe the regular tinted moisturizer was too heavy?

  9. cherrier:

    The one I have is definitely quite heavy once it's on my looks fluid but feels like thick cream. I am not going to try the oil free one anyway I haven't tried a liquid foundation that doesn't cake on me...

    At this moment, I am jut trying to finish up a clean & clear (with horrible makeup alley review) moisturizer with lots of very fine shimmer...I actually like it quite a bit, and it was only 4 dollars.

  10. I don't use make up everyday, but age is catching up and I needed something to just make me look fresh and finished. I am so mad at myself for not checking out the bad reviews before getting this Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. I have a bad reaction. Redness and sandpaper like skin. What a disappointment at $43 !!
    I have never bought such an expensive moisturizer before. Any remedies you can suggest?
    Thanks Neetu

  11. Neetus:
    My makeup routine is kind of like yours and to even out my skin, I like to use a liquid sunscreen (we all need it anyway!) especially those ones from Japan (they tend to have some sort of skin-tone evening pearls that would tweak the skin by a bit) then dust on a soft shimmery finishing powder/blush (Benefit Dandelion). That combo usually gives me a soft look that's quite natural.

    Of course, you can also try the Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer, which are getting better reviews from other bloggers. I personally don't feel like spending too much on the brand so I never/never plan to give this option a go.

    If you are looking for remedies to your reaction, I can't suggest much beside cleanse your face well, use a well formulated moisturizer and ...pretty much leave it alone for a short while.

  12. Wish I hadn't risked this stuff ... not sure if it was the Laura Mercier primer or the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer but I now have a SERIOUS skin reaction. Red, rough itching-like-mad patches. It's a mess. And I'm out some serious coin!

  13. I wish i hadnt bought this. im having the same reaction on my skin. i have red bumps on my face im so upset. i wanted something light so i switched from my chanel vitalumiere aqua to LM's TM for my daily wear, and now my face is the worst its ever been. i dont know why, must be some of the ingredients in this TM. any of you ho have had the same reaction, could you share how you got rid of it?

    1. I just stopped using makeup (lip gloss was OK though) for a few days and the bumps went away. I though the more you put on top, there bigger chance that it will get further irritated.


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