Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June Spy Cam with L'Oreal and NYC

I haven't seen many interesting stuff lately but it's summer, the color are getting brighter, bolder, warmer and hotter. (Duh.)

Who is this woman again? (Googled later: Doutzen Kroes) That random L'Oreal HIP model. Apparently she "is wearing" a purple eyeliner pencil. Looks like Stila cobalt smudge pot to me though.

They are kind of expensive 8-9 dollars a piece. I am pretty sure you can get the same quality (if not better) pencils from Prestige or Styli-Style for less.

Beyounce looks weird here.

New HIP eyeshadow duo in matte shades. I like that green and I know I wouldn't know how to wear it. The third one looks like bumblebees...

Boring and Boring II.
The metallic ones looks more interesting. (I hate the bulky packaging though.)

NYC has a new collection called "Poopy Goddess"...I mean, Golden Girl it's just that warm colors usually look weird on my face.

The model looks a bit drunk.
The seemly matte lipstick on the right looks interesting it's kind of similar to my natural lip color.

Orange bronzer and neutral shadow.

The two shades are more fall than summer for me...(I hate the formula of this polish)


  1. wow i think that girl on the first shot is Kristin Kreuk from Smallville! she's gorgeous! wow ..thanks for sharing !

  2. Nikki: It's actually Doutzen Kroes (one of the Loreal spoke models), (I know there is a K, but I was too lazy to google.)The Smallville girl isn't really blond plus she is half Asian...

  3. Doutzen Kroes is a pretty popular model. :P She does some editorial work too. Interesting observations. LOL Beyonce looks too white, maybe it's the lighting. The gold lipstick from NYC looks cool.

  4. I don´t know but I love Beyonce´s makeup in that ad, maybe the white-ish e/s in the inner corner of the eyes is a little off, but the combination of dark pink (maybe burgundy?) with black is gorgeous... and Doutzen´s liner is very pretty too, I want a purple e/l like that.

  5. Beyonce does look a bit off in that ad, probably too much photoshop, hahaha

  6. I agree, Beyonce loos weird, not sure if it is bcuase of the lightning or the pix was too airbrushed. I love her makeup though.

  7. LOL if i overlooked your Beyonce caption there, I would've NOt noticed it's her at all! The ugly thing happens to beautiful people...


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