Monday, June 29, 2009

Jane Gliding Liner Pencil

Jane Gliding Liner Pencil doesn't glide on my eyes at all...
The color is called Blackest Ice , I cannot see anything icy or glittery about it.

The formula is quite waxy and sheer. I couldn't even get an opaque coverage on the back of my hand, on which liner application is much easier than on my eyes...

And yes, 90% of my makeup are consumed in this fashion.


  1. LOL @ doddle.

    what are you gonna do with the rest of it though? that's a awfully long liner!

  2. That's what friends are for...Hehe...(I do use them as emergency pencil to mark down number on my arm when my actual pencils case is buried at the bottom of my bag with massive junk deposit.

  3. LOL. I love the doodle.

    We don't have Jane here anymore (I think), but maybe you can use that pencil as a base for your eyeshadows?

  4. Hi Dee:
    I like to use wax base product for shadow, but I never quite master the art of smokey (when I do it, it's raccoon...)


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