Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jane Eye Zing Cafe Champagne

The past week has been shitty (as poopy as how brown shadow look on me), as I was flooded by a massive mathematical diarrhea... I will be spending my weekend with some books or it would get worse next week...

Anyway, apparently Walgreen is clearing Jane stuff up (why, the single eyeshadow was pretty nice) and I got a new eyeshadow duo just trying to find a brown that I could wear outside (ie, non-clown makeup) .

I got the shade Cafe / Champagne mainly because it reminds me of that Nars India song duo. India Song has a pretty bad review up at Makeup Alley and it doesn't look good when I tested it out at Sephora so I wasn't going to spend $32 dollars on shadow that looks chalky even on my hand. (If something cakes on my hand/arm, it will look a lot worse on my eyes.)

Little do I know, Cafe & Champagne actually has a rating that's worse than India Song...The bashing are mainly aimed towards the creamy vanilla side, which has a lot of fish scale like glitter (semi-transparent, not smooth and super tacky.)

Actually all champagne has is that glitter...the color is way too thin to show up. As for the "Cafe" , people are alright about it and I have seen some Asian girl saying how this color makes her eyes look bigger.

It swatched alright: nice smooth and pigmented and the color doesn't look too orange or golden (just looks weird) or too red (raccoon eyes) ...But it does look quite earthy and muddy on my eyes...Urgh, I should just give up on warm colored eyeshadow altogether.

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