Thursday, June 11, 2009

Clarins Summer Fever Kohl Eye Shadow and Liner in Ocean Green

I can never pull off mid tone blue eyeshadow, teal is a lot better since they do naturally occur on my skin (I have very obvious veins, on my right shoulder it almost looks like a tattoo...)

I went ahead and got a Clarins Kohl loose eyeliner/shadow when I saw one of them popping up at that discount store for 5 dollars. (I just feel like telling you guys how much I got it for, as this piece of shit is definitly doesn't have a high end quality, at least to me.)

Anyway, when I first opened the little bottle, there was powder everywhere, like someone has opened and tested the stuff already. Well, I mean, I actually saw a woman opening up lipsticks and eyeshadow and everything right in my face last time I visit the store...Arrrrrr...

How are you supposed to line your eyes when the applicator is a dome shaped sponge ( Better than a stiff ball) ...unless you are talking about the raccoon lining...

The color is quite nice, it's a deep teal (Looking at my arms at the very moment, the colors of my veins are teal, navy and purple...No wonder I look good in those color...) with nice, multi colored and fine shimmer. Since it's a loose powder, it doesn't adhere to skin that well.

Anyway, nothing spetacular.


  1. Hahaha is that why you look good in teal? Cuz of your veins! xD

  2. i have a hard time using applicators like that! but thanks for sharing your views on this :)


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