Monday, June 22, 2009

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme

I used to assume that all of Burt's Bees are incredibly good, they are natural, have a cute packaging and...Well, I have used their shimmery lip balm, shampoo, shampoo bar, face soap, hair treatment, lotion, facial moisturizer, blemish stick...You name it.Anyway, they all perform horribly and make me wonder how in the world can natural stuff cause worse reactions that those "chemicals".

However, the brand does have a few neat products among the garbage that I keep going back to: complexion mist (they kept the carrot one that smells like play-doh and discontinued the good ones), lip balm (minty, honey and pomegranate, I love them all) and this Lemon butter cuticle creme.
This cuticle creme has a rich and thick texture but it's not overly waxy or oily, the best part is that nice zesty scent of lemon peel. It's 95% natural so I guess it's relatively finger food safe. I like to scrap a tiny bit and rub it on my finger tips in the evening. By the next day my cuticle would be well quenched and my nail would be shiny and happy.

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  1. gosh, reading your post reminded me of this and I havne't used it half way! i just left it! aaahh not because I don't like the product but it's because i'm too lazy!


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