Friday, May 15, 2009

Sally Hansen Moist and Matte Liquid Color in Chiffon

Because I can never have enough lip gloss...

This Sally Hansen Moist and Matte lip gloss came with a box (why am I having that bad feeling again?) and I was attracted by the swatch image, which shows a really nice matte an moisturizing lip color in fuchsia...

I was even thinking that this color might make my teeth look whiter! Just look at the pretty swatch...(I should know by now to never believe in "Swatch" provided by the companies...)

The tube looks a lot more boring when it's striped down, just a normal fake-lipstick tube with Sally Hansen along the rim and some random pattern at the black base.

Sorry for the disturbing image, I am not dedicated enough to get another one (Taking pictures of your lip gloss in broad day light is humiliating enough, let alone wiping the gloss off then retake...) The gloss has a texture that somewhat remind me of a frosting on a cake, it's not light and moiturizing, but it's not drying either. It has a soft vanilla-ish minty scent that I do like.

Urgh...this stuff is barbie pink...and hello Sally Hansen, moist and matte lip color? This looks anything but matte, it's the most frosty gloss I ever have...

On a good lip days this lip color looks alright. On a bad lips day(when my lips are dried and wrinkly) this thing hugs all the lips lines I have and emphasize them with this ultra frosty finish...

Moist and matte? I sure don't think so. (But it doesn't feel dry though.)

But luckily it doesn't pissed me off as much as the lip saver gloss...The color is relatively unique in my stash (I don't buy pink glosses) and I could use it someday when I feel like playing Barbie like in ...forever?

Overall, another "bleh" product from Sally Hansen with an insane unit price. It's 1.98g for a whooping 7-8 dollars so it's truly a rip-off for something that doesn't do what it is supposed to.

But I got it for $2 bucks, so no major damage done...


  1. I love the frost. I really do.
    But, worm-looking bits of gloss? Ew. I hate bizarre packaging anyway 'cause I want to have the option of extracting & using up every last drop of gloss :-P.

  2. I like the color but I hate the applicator. It's just too weird!

  3. That's way too expensive for drugstore. I really like to notice those differences too. I do think the color is nice, but very misleading.

  4. I think that's the best way for me to wear "almost matte" looking lippie, moist and matte! I could never wear Matte lipstick due to the dryness of my lips :)

  5. Cris:
    It actually it's my fault that it looks like worms, I left a bit on top and never used it, so the top part solidified a bit. Normally it comes out straight up.

    With this applicator, you can used up the very last drop. But there aren't much to start with.

    A lot of brands have this kind of applicator, maybe the texture is a bit too creamy that it maintains the shape at it comes out...

    Yeah, Sally Hansen are getting a lot more expensive these days, it's almost like Stila lip glaze at a discount price...only it's not Stila...

    I love the concept when I first saw it, but it was anything but "moist" and "matte"

  6. Haha I don't know why we believe packaging photos!

  7. I love this product! It glides on smoothly and feels very soft on da lips. Cant't beat the price I got it for only $1.00. Yes of couorse I got every color.

  8. Anonymous:
    That's a pretty good deal, I got mine for 2...


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