Monday, May 18, 2009

Milani Pool Party

Since I was quite happy with the limited edition polish from Milani, I decided to give it another go and guess what? It's another turquoise!
On the hand, it looks a lot like that Wet n Wild Blue Bijou since they are both turquoise but in real life they are quite different. (I used that Blue Bijou to franken and the end result was pretty disgusting so I tossed it...)

Around 3,4 coats and it's still very sheer. But the sheen it has is really pretty though.

Random picture of the pinky.

Have you guys seen this File Catty with a case? I first saw this in Seventeen two years ago (later Tweezerman came up with a knock off which is more expensive yet uglier) and thought it was pretty nifty thing to keep a little file separated to the rest of makeup. Each set of them costs 3 dollars. (You can find a set with file and case then another file refill for 3 bucks as well.)

They have quite a few design and lots of them are pretty cute actually. I had a teal one back in 2007 and got this in 2008. I feel like having a yellow one this year.

Oh yeah, the stickers are my own.

For some reason, after I file my nails with this, the thing smells like cat litters. (The only thing smell worse than cat litters in the word in Bunnie's dropping.)

But they are so incredibly cute though...And in China I literally went to the market and ask the uncle to give me some un-human-edible veggie (the one bitten by bugs) to feed them...they are free to feed!

If you wonder why do I have so many floral stuff...ask my mom, even the washer cover is floral in her place. (And the two bunnies, mainly their dropping, drove her nut by the way...)

P.S. They are both boys...which means the gray one is a pervert...


  1. awww your bunnies are super cute!

    i love the Milani Polish color, it is something I would wear :)

  2. I love the white bunny! What are their names?

  3. Cerise:

    I got them in China during summer vacation (when I was just staying for 6 weeks and I obviosuly can't bring live animal back in US) so they were shuffed to one of my cousins...

    Anyway, their offical names are the "gray one" and "white one"...Yes, I am very creative...

  4. Hahaha the grey one is a big perv! xD Very cute~

  5. Your bunnies are soo cute!


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