Saturday, May 09, 2009

Jane Eye Zing Eyeshadow in Moss

One more drugstore discovery, I wonder why I never gotten any shadow from Jane...They are pretty cool and the color are actually not that boring.

Jane Eye Zing Shadow comes in a pretty tiny plastic pot that's smaller than a quarter. At first I though the color Moss looks somewhat like Stila Cha Cha (which I love, it's just that all the stila shadow are very dusty) , just a firmly pressed version.

But Moss (far left) is actually brighter and more yellow than Cha Cha (which is at the middle, the far right is Stila Daffodil) I actually like the texture very much, the color pay off is there but I don't feel like it's heavy the color is very wearable thanks to the soft color and delicate shimmer.


  1. That's a beautiful shade of green!

  2. That green is very fresh, reminds me of mint ice cream.


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