Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hitting Pan : The Real Deal

I literally hit pan on this Wet n Wild palette. (Although I never step outside of my room with this...the texture and color is very nice to play with although the packaging is very beaten up now.)
PS. Project x-pan (10 is just way too painful) is not going so well for me, it's like I hit pan on 1 product then I got 5 new ones...


  1. Hahaha! Well at least you got one... I have none! :P

  2. I threw out my Rimmel powder yesterday - hit pan a long time ago & it sort of stopped working well so I guess it has expired :-P.
    And I have the same trio from a swap :D! But no pans visible on mine yet ;).

  3. I love it when I hit the pan, and only one for me too! MAC's Coquette e/s as i use them for my brows :)

  4. I love hitting pan! It's so much fun haha.

  5. Cris:

    Sorry to blow your bubble, base makeup doesn't count...

    Eye shadow/powder blush are the real deal.

  6. Considering how many eye shadows I have, that's never gonna happen :-P.
    I've almost hit pan on my Pupa highlighter (it's in a palette), does that count >:-D? Lol.

  7. Ohhh pan. Lovely!

    I refuse to believe that you look as bad with eyeshadow as you say! You should wear this outside your room. I'm sure it looks beautiful.

  8. Cris:
    Yeah, highlighter shall work...


    I literally took your advice and wore the wet n wild palette out (alone with a cake like crazy and super irritating tinted moisturizer... I forgot the primer and by early afternoon, the thing dissolved and I looked like a raccoon...

    Most of the time, my roommate said I look like a demon with makeup on, I am sure she is not kidding, some time my "work" scare the heck out of myself...

  9. ROFL, I'm so sorry :( I know I tend to look racoony when my undereye concealer wears off, but whenever I see pics of your EOTDs (like the ones with the Nars Habanera shadow) eyes I think they look beautiful!

  10. At least you hit pan on something, out of ALL the makeup I have I've never hit pan on anything o.o


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