Saturday, May 16, 2009

Essences of Beauty Smokey Wide Brush

I actually had quite a few of these CVS brand Essences of Beauty brushes before I realized that (when it comes to makeup tool) high end is the way to go. Most of those brushes are pretty worn even I haven't been playing with them all that often, the smokey wide brush here is relatively well kept since I don't really do "smokey".

Anyway, it's a double sided brush with a handle that looks somewhat Bobbi Brown.

The smokey side is just a very fluffy pencil brush that will make you look like a raccoon when you go around the eyes with this. The hair is not baby soft but definitely not scratchy either.

The wide side is a pretty big and packed tapered shadow brush (again, not super duper soft but not scratchy either) . It does a good job grabbing loads of colors when the shadow is too firmly pressed or the pigmentation isn't optimal.

In this case, I just use it to grab some shadow with texture that is difficult to dig. I think it's alright...but I don't think it will be worth it since cheap brushes would look beaten up after you play with/wash them for more than 5 times...I haven't even played with this that much and it already looks "used".


  1. I love this brush! Mine's a tiny bit scratchy too, but not that bad. I really like the smoky side. It's works great for putting shadow on the bottom lash line.

  2. this brush is so nice! i think it is really good for blending the colors!

  3. wow, I thought they only have the foundation and concealer combination, this is another great brush!!!


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