Friday, May 01, 2009

Used Cosmetic, what do you think?

A while ago, a friend of mine gave me two of her Nars shadow duo when she decided that they don't work for her (Now I have three of them!) , I personally don't mind gently touched eyeshadow from friend. But what about used cosmetics from those flooding blog sales?

I wonder do you ever buy those used cosmetics on those blogs?

Call me anal, but I cannot bring myself to spend money/effort on any beauty related products once strangers laid their fingers or brush on it (Ok, if it's someone I know, I wouldn't need to pay anyway) , used lip products being the worst...I know I am using a very culturally insensitive comparison here, but cosmetics is somewhat like virgin in east Asia (We all know virginity doesn't mean anything in US) and once it's touched, it's touched and the value depreciates exponentially afterward...

Having said that, I just don't spend money on those "swatched once" products. (Let alone when people try to sell it full price...)

And while most people sell their stuff just to find a new home for their cosmetics. I've seen other people who tried to sell some products at retail price when we all know that they got it for fraction of the cost at a wholesale discount site... another disturbing one is when people try to sell 50% full lip gloss 50% of the price they got it for...That's plain disgusting.

Overall, a big fat NO from me, what about you, do you buy from those sales and does it bother you when people sell stuff in aforementioned ways?


  1. I've never bought "used cosmetics" because I just can't get past the idea. There's probably nothing wrong with it, esp for products you can just wipe off the first layer. But sharing lipgloss is so gross.

  2. I would never ever buy anything used, cause I can't get pass how gross it is. I'd rather pay full price for a product that I will be truly satisfied with.I had to laugh when you mentioned about virginity..LOL

  3. Nice comparison with virginity >:-).
    I don't mind. I truly don't mind used stuff XD, as long as it's not something like mascara that can be dangerous if it's been used 'cause you can get eye infections from it...
    But a lot of the stuff I get from swapping has been lightly used, and it really doesn't bother me :). As long as it's good make-up, I'm fine :D.

  4. For powder products, I really don't care. As long as there isn't a layer of gross stuff on it it's fine. For liquid products, I don't swap for something used unless it's in a pump or squeeze bottle. If I'm gonna get herpes or swine flu, I doubt it'll be from a lipstick.

  5. Smiley & Cerise:
    It seems that we are on the same boat.


    Cris & Pixie:

    I personally don't "mind" using used "powder" product either...But now think of it, I never swapped for any used cosmetics, I just get rid of touched once/twice high end products and get couple of brand new less expensive items or makeup brush...

    I probably don't mind getting gently used blusher for a swap but when some people sell it on their blog, they charged full price plus shipping so I rather get a new one in sephora...

    I don't think there is that big of a chance getting sick from used products...I just don't like the idea that it's touched...


  6. lol it was great reading this post, cause i was recently emailing a friend about the "selling it for more, when we know you got it with your discount" stuff.
    I just thought it was so wrong! I thought it was just me, cause my friend didn't see a big deal in it...
    I don't buy used lip stuff. I find it disgusting especially if its like a gloss type container. Saliva gets in, breeds...ew. But I have bought eye shadows that were swatched. I don't see a problem in swatching...(actually have a tiny problem with it...but not a big deal. its a separate issue anyway :P)
    anyway interesting post to share :)

  7. Hi Rasilla:

    Hopefully we are not talking about the same person. (Or we will be in trouble.)

    I actually have seen people selling something like swatched 1x shadow they got for a dollar (Duh, she posted about the sale on her own blog...)then charge $4 dollars plus shipping. It only bothers me a tad bit not that it's my business...

    But the final tick off I saw was someone who got a whole lot (from a certain online beauty outlet called...) with 7 items for less than 20 dollars, yet she charges 17-20 dollars for *each* item...

    To Other people who might be reading this.

    PS. If anyone are bothered with my post/comment , please just take it as a PMS-ing least I didn't bitch about it on your blog, right?

  8. I don't mind buying lightly used products if the price is right. I saw people selling used stuff at retail price plus shipping and that's just wrong. I'd rather go to sephora and buy it there.
    I would never buy used mascaras, liquid eyeliner or anything like that though, that's just gross. But lots of stuff can be sanitised so it doesn't really bother me.

  9. Hi Gio:

    I guess one reason for posting up this is that I have seen some pretty "wrong price" like how the buyer would end up spending 90% of the whole price only to get 60% full products with all the miscellaneous charges...

    I hate it (again, I know it's none of my business) when those people try to make a buck out of their used stuff...not only it's a big disgusting, it also makes blogger community looks more commercial than what it has to be...

  10. I usually don't mind with bloggers, but I've never actually purchased anything b/c there's never enough stuff I want to be worth the shipping


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