Friday, April 10, 2009

Swatch fist returns

Since my lips are on the red side, color usually don't show up well on my swatches. So if all of my glosses look the same to you, take a look at the fist...They are all different!

1. Sally Hansen Diamond 12 Hr Treatment in Baguette
2. Stila It Gloss in Fetching
3. Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in Peony
4. Sally Hansen Gentle Lip Plumping Treatment in Playful
5. L'Oreal Colour Juice Melon Punch
6.Sally Hansen Lipnotic Gem Gloss in Bejeweled
7.Covergirl Amazemint in slaphappy
8. Wet n Wild Beautify Benefit Lip Tint in Cherry Mint (Cherry? this thing is nude peach.)
9. Lancome Juicy Tube Sun Bronze
10Paul Joe 01
11.Benefit California Kissin
12.DiorKiss Granny Smith
13. Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Clear Shimmer
14. Amuse Chocolate Cafe
15.Missha PK005
16. Juicy Tube Lemon Sugar
17. Wet n Wild Glassy Gloss Poppy Glaze
18.Stila IT gloss enchanting
19. Wet n Wild Tamara's Tiara
20. MAC lutreglass Opal
21.Avon Honey (Bubbles? Ewwww.)
22. Babypink Pearl
23. Babypink Orange
24. Juicy Tube Cherry on Top
25. Babypink Berry
26.Babypink mulberry
27.NYC lip Slider in Sugar Kiss
28. L'Oreal Hip Jelly Balm in Plush
29. MAC TLC popster
30. Wet n Wild Pink Amethyst

I really need to stop buying lip gloss...


  1. wow..30 glosses, and you've got the BEST lipgloss swatches I've ever seen! :)

  2. Thanks I thought it could be better if I wipe the camera lens before hand, it's looks a bit blurry...or my vision has gone worse again. *gasp*

    I think I probably have around 40-50 glosses I finished up a few, tossed a few (couldn't stand the smell) couldn't find a few (because they are everywhere) and there are a few I haven't review yet.

  3. This made me dizzy at first...
    Too many numbers/glosses/descriptions, lol.
    Number 8 is not cherry, certainly :-/.
    I really like the orange one :D (23), the green one, and Number 27 :).
    Oh, and 24 of course, but I tend to like everything with 24 because that's my birthday, lol.
    Kidding - I do love that colour :).

  4. The green one looks funky! I love lipglosses too even though they often end up looking the same on the lips.

  5. Hi Cris:
    They made me dizzy when I posted this up...I guess I will post up the review for #27 tomorrow then...I can't stand the smell of that damn thing...

    #24 is pretty nice, I love the cherry color and minty smell it has.

    The green actually looks really nice on the lips (if it doesn't have this much glitter.) it's a nice peachy color that's also see through...

  6. Gloss party!Don't stop buying them! I lovee it!
    I need 5 and 12, cute!

    My gosh, your avon gloss has bubbles, I can seee it! It never happened to me and I tried millions...maybe they sent you an old one (too old that cannot be used anymore)?


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