Monday, April 27, 2009

Sonia Kashuk Super Eyeshadow Brush and Multipurpose Nylon Brush

I always tell myself I need more brushes, (as if my Stila brushes are not enough) and since I didn't really have a large eyeshadow brush for an allover wash of color, so I decided to get something...for a basic purpose like this, spending 20 dollars on Stila #5 might seems to too much, so I picked an OK brand Sonia Kashuk, since I kind of (remotely) like the blusher brush.
I couldn't bring myself to get more of the squiggly (I thought they look weird, now I think they look ugly...) I got the white handled ones instead.

Just like those NYX brushes , these Sonia Kashuk brushes come with fancy platic pouch for them with and a words of creator at the back. I personally don't care about those pouches as I store all my brushes inside a brush roll anyway.

One thing these brushes are a lot better than the NYX i that there are no visible defeat and the handles are made of wood painted white. (I can smell it!) So it doesn't feel that cheap when I pick them up...But they are not substantial like those Benefit brushes either

Super eyeshadow brush is the biggest out of all three shadow brush, it has a big contact area that's perfect for the whole lid. You can also use it to pick up anything that falls on yoru face.

The flab is relatively smooth but Stila is clearly better. And I've seen hair falling out about three times before I washed it...

But the tip is so scratchy...GARBAGE!

The multi purpose brush is love at first touch though, it has a very fine tip that's soft to the touch and it's a nice concealer brush. (Do I even have concealer!?)

I don't get the multi-purpose part, since I can't use it to blend shadow either...

The white paint chipped after one single wash...Garbage again.

So, what's with my luck, why all the cheaper brushes I've tried are like this... (Argh,this is a perfect example of spending money only to get an eyesore, I think I will save more money just sticking to the high-end ones.)


  1. Thanks for your honest review, someone told me this is good, I'm glad I read your reviews first :)

  2. Ahh. I hate prickly brushes. They just hurt, even if they are the slightest bit pokey. lol. and I do love pretty brushes. DX Have you ever had any luck with drugstore brushes?

  3. Hi Nikki:

    I think low end brushes always turns out wrong on me...but safe better than sorry...these brushes are no MAC dupes...

    Urgh...I have one brush that's pretty soft and fluffy but I have absolutely no use to it...(It's perfect for white people with deep eye sockets though) and a kabuki that's works quite well...

    Beside those, the rest are all garbage worthy...I think I have probably tried (wasted my money one
    ) more than 20 sometthing brushes before I realized that high-end is the way to go.

    I mean, people think Sonia Kashuk is the best and I don't even like the brand that much...



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