Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sally Hansen PM Plumper

I am all for trying out new products when they are on sale. Who cares if my lips are sausage looking enough...This is America where your lips can never get too big.

Ok, actually I just wanted to try Sally Hansen lip lab product since I was wondering how would those insanely expensive ($10 for a drugstore product is pretty steep) treatment would work and this was my only choice left at the drugstore. They also had a brush on primer left but 1) I rarely layer on lip products. 2) I have a OCD issue with built in applicators of all kinds.

The tube reminds me of a swordfish and I like how soft and squishy the tube is. but here goes the first (actually only) disappointment, the inside is short and stubby, doesn't look cool at all.

The treatment has a creamy consistency (kind of like eyelashes glue minus the sticky part) and a faint scent (smell really hard and you will sniff out the alcohol in it) because of the little applicator I have to dot it on my lips then rub it...It gives a moist, and slightly milky, opaque finish, nothing ugly, and it's actually a nicer look than what a plain lip balm gives you.

As for how it works. Luckily it doesn't sting at all. I believed that some of the working ingredients (the whole list is way too long, look it up yourself) are retinol, retinyl palmite, green tea extract, grape seed oil, apricot kernel oil, Soybean oil, soluble collagen , shea butter, salt (huh?) , Vitamin E, Beeswax, Glycerin and a bunch of other chemicals...So what it does is to first moisturize then fill in your lips with stuff like dimencicone, collagen and glycerin...

I do notice that my lips feels a bit plumper and shapelier but not plumped (if it makes any sense) the morning I wake up and the slight effect last about a day. It's nothing drastic but it does make applying lipstick easier though (since I never wear balm underneath). In short, it's a better version of a petrolatum based lip balm but don't expect too much from something that doesn't sting...

So don't buy it unless it's on sale (5 dollars for a treatment is OK, 10 is too much) , I really think that this is just a better version of a good lip balm. But since it involves too much finger rubbing, I prefer the plain old Vaseline based balm better.


  1. With my big and plump lips (which I don't like) i don't need to use any of these, but for people who like lip plumpers, this is a great post :) Thanks for sharing your experience on this.

  2. Hi Nikki:

    This actually doesn't work the same way as those lip plumping gloss that inflate and irritate the lips...It's actually make my lip feels a bit firmer and gives it a better shape...but not making it visibly more sausage like, which I do like.

  3. So maybe it should be marketed as a lip firming product...If such a term even exists, lol.
    I think my lips are big enough :).

  4. Thank you for the review.

    My personal fave is this one:

    I love how it is so gentle on my lips, and it works too!


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