Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Revlon Artificial Glue On Nail

Yup, I was among the butt load of privileged bloggers who got the chance of trying out some Revlon stuff, and you know, no beauty blogger would say no to free toys. Not to mention they look kind of fun.

Among the nail goodies, there is the standard French kit called Ella (Sub name: Naturally Chic) : milky base with white tips. It comes with:

1)36 pieces of nails so you will find a best match.
2) A file to grind away your own nail (What!?)
3)A bottle of glue with a smell that reminds me of some childhood nightmares. (I super-glued my two fingers together.)
4)A short little cuticle pusher and nail cleaner stick that 's made of plastic so it will give longer wear than a wooden one (Nice! I can take that with with me.)

While these are supposed to be short, they are obviously very long in my frame of reference. There are plenty to choose from, maybe my nail is very small and flat, when I found the right size, the curvature is too big so the edges hurt my own finger tips a bit...

I tried to put it on too see what it would look like but for some reason it looks very artificial (Aka, fake.) Maybe it's because my hands are too childish looking? This might as well become an anti-advertisement for Revlon nail if I did glue them on and take a picture..

So the idea of gluing on some long plastic nails then having to peel it off (or soak it with highly flammable Acetone) is a bit scary to think of, let along doing this...

If typical French nail is too boring for you, here is another set called Sequins

Sequins is the standard French plus some nice glittery pattern. Maybe the glitters ditracted me a bit. This set actually looks more natural and wearable...I think it would be very nice nail tips for a bridal ensemble.

For people who love aunties design...Here is Satine

It's pale pink with burgundy pattern plus a black glittery smile line (why black?) It looks pretty awkward on me but I am willing to give it a few years (or a few decades?) to see whether it will look good when I am older and wiser...At this's interesting to look at to say the least.

In conclusion, I frankly don't get French nail (is this French the same sense as the "French" in French fries?) especially the natural looking one with milky base and white tips...Don't natural nails look like that already?

And I like the way my hands look even they are a bit on the dry side. (I want a yummy smelling hand cream, you guys got some suggestion so I can go sniffing at Sephora?)

And don't you love my hand when it's full of eye shadow I am about to review?


  1. I saw those on Scrangies blog! They do look interesting. Too bad they didn't fit you.

  2. Oh yay eye shadows :D!!!

    I don't like French manicures (that little line just annoys me - I don't even like having unpainted nails for the same reason :-P) or false nails, but I kind of like the ones with the pink flowers. They're funny XD. Wouldn't buy them though :-P.

  3. I personally like the French nail look, however I'm not a big fan of artificial nails. Besides I like my nails to look natural. This year while surfacing the web for new nail products I came across a French Manicure kit by My Natural Nails that allowed me to do my nails in the French Nail look naturally. I purchased the kit and love it! Don't believe me check it out for yourself at After using the French Manicure kit I’ll never go back to using artificial nails again. Now I just have to remember to wear gloves when working in the garden! :>) laf

  4. Hi Pixie:
    I saw the red one on her blog as well, I don't know why it looks so natural on her...

    Cris: I personally wouldn't buy those either...they are just too much hassle to wear and remove...


    I am OK with French manicure, well some people makes really nice one with blue tips and rhinestones but my nail would never belong enough to do those, if I do like french mani some day...You wouldn't see me blogging anymore. Since I curve my fingers when I type and those nail would definitely get on the way.

  5. I have never done french nails!! Crazy eh? Hahaa.. too much trouble for me... You do have really nicely shaped hands!!

  6. Hi Fuz:

    Nope, that's not crazy...I never had and never will do any of those stuff to my hand, it's like the more I put on, the older they make me look...And those things will definitely damage my natural nail...

    Plus, I don't think they look all that good (with a few exceptions of course...) I don't get why people want to add that line when there are so many other ways to dress clothes and make up...


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