Sunday, April 12, 2009

N.Y.C Lip Slider Lip Balm in Sugar Kiss

I've got four items from NYC in the past: A gloss, a mascara, a bottle of nail polish and an eye shadow...they were as bad as their ugly packaging so I never give it a second though when I passed by them in the drugstore...

But see, I came across this blog review and thought that lip balm actually looks pretty good and since I was running out of that one peachy gloss Slaphappy from Cover Girl anyway...So it's the time to give NYC a try...

The packaging of the Lip Slider Balm is kind of cute, almost an exact knock-off of Tarte lip balm. It has a (so flimsy that I can poke it open) window for you to check out the actual color and a friendly 3 dollar price tag that you can't beat. Come on, who pays 14 bucks just for a lip balm? (Urgh...if it has a nice packaging and/or it's a limited edition, I am all for it!)

I've got the shade that 's called sugar kiss, what looks like a creamy coral. (of course it shows up as a baby pink on my lips...just like that Paul & Joe lip gloss.)

It has a pretty good coverage for a balm that it does tone down my red lips well without making me look sick. The pigments doesn't line up or float on top that much either (Unlike the glosses from Paul & Joe and Revlon.) there is a slightly jelly finish and it feels balmy (means a bit like a gloss or heavy for a balm?), but it's not gooey or sticky.

Got another picture as space filler...The "coral" looks more like cool pink on my lips...

The quality of the balm is a lot like L'Oreal jelly balm consider it's 1/3 of the price yet twice of L'Oreal 's volume. So it's a pretty good deal. But here comes the thing I don't like: It has a very strong sweet scent and taste that make me gag. I can barely stand Stila it glosses /lip glaze just because of the scents...this thing is a hell lot stronger. (But I think I will get over it eventually.)

The line up of all shades. Sugar Coated, the lightest shade is gone already so give them a look if you are OK with (very strong) baked sweet scent.


  1. It looked pink on your Swatch Hand (lol) too, nothing orange...But it does look a little more coral in the tin ;).
    And on your lips, it's lovely ^_^!
    I'm glad I'm not in the US...Considering how freaking cheap these are, the adorable tin, and my loving lip balm over gloss, I'd probably get every colour :-P. Not good XD.

  2. You really do have the prettiest lips. I'm jealous!

  3. This is so pretty!! I saw these on sale on Long's Drugs but forgot how pretty they could look. I love the jelly look.

  4. wow! the color is super pretty and natural on you!!!!

  5. It looks very pretty on you! aww that stinks that you don't like the scent.

  6. Hi Cris:
    Well, even if you get all of them, it would be around the same price as a MAC balm... But I do like the mac tinted lip conditioner anyway...



    Thanks! (God is pretty fair that I do look weird in 90% of the shadow out there...people either can't tell I am wearing any or they say I look like a demon with eye makeup on...)

    The NYC balm is actually a lot jelly-like than the jelly balm...But I personally prefer lip balms that sinks the finish is more natural.

    Thanks, it's probably the prettiest pale pink gloss I have in my stash...

    I think I will get used to it eventually, I hate the smell of Stila it glosses yet I finished 4 whole tubes. So if the gloss is pretty enough, I will deal with the scent.

    I kind of got this the day I saw your review...I am glad I did since it's indeed a very nice product.

  7. You've got really nice lips..and teeth. ;)

  8. That color looks gorgeous on you! It's a shame about the scent. I don't really strong scents in cosmetics.

  9. Hi Cerise:
    Thanks! Every time I come back from a dentist trip I always brag about how my dentist say I have those one in a hundred nice natural teeth to my friends and they got sick of it and just yell at me to shut up...

    But on the back it's a bit bombed out though, courtesy of sodas under the bed...


    In that case, if the gloss is pretty enough, I will just get over it...I tried to just open the tin and let the smell dissipate, but as of the current condition of my room, it might gather dust instead...


  10. wow those look so moisturizing and gorgeous on you! Can't beat NYC price either! Thanks for the review :D

  11. Wow you have super yummy looking lips!!!


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