Nivea Tinted Balm and Avon Glaze Wear Lip Color

When I was a kid (or tween) I remember having a soft shimmering pink tinted Nivea balm from a beauty store (Watsons) in Hong Kong. Both the packaging and the balm looks so cute and I love that soft scent it has...Of course, I never saw any lip care product from Nivea in Canada or US...Until last year when the drugstore introduces Nivea lip care line.

I was quite exciting until I saw the whole boring range with somewhat ugly packaging...I just picked up one of them to see how it works.
For some reason, the Nivea Tinted lip balm in US just looks a lot cheaper...Then I opened the tube and saw a rod shaped balm poking up...(Blasphemy! The one I had actually has a shape of normal lipstick!)

The balm smells like artificial cherry, it's not pleasant but it doesn't bother me (yet) . It does tastes sweet, which is a bit disgusting...

The moisturizing part is alright but once you apply it on the lip, it gives a slight rosy tint that looks a lot like Benetint. But seriously, that's it. (The texture is a bit on the heavy side so every time I have it on, I have the urge to rubbed it off...)
As for the Avon glaze wear lip gloss...It's indeed a lipstick in a liquid form, the coverage is good...but I don't like nude lip glosses or the granny packaging.

Swatches for the three "bleh" products...The cherry lip care is pretty similar to the Benetint, so I just compared it to the darker covergirl lip stain. Avon looks alright but it makes my lips peel not to mention the color is way too grandma.


  1. hey that's how OUR nivea lip balm down here looks like too! But the color looks pretty, quite natural :)

  2. I hate Avon packaging too >:-).
    But the Nivea cherry balm is a staple for me ^_^. Well, here in Greece they call it Liposan :-P.


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