MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Popster Hello Kitty Collection

I never thought that I would pick up anything from the MAC Hello Kitty. ( I like cats but I think Hello Kitty was a bit too childish for me.) Yeah, I kind of like the key chain mirror but later realized that it's better to just use the laser sticker on my credit card to "be vain discreetly"....

Anyway, when I was checking out the grand duo collection, I randomly asked the sale associate whether they have the "Popster" balm left. (It just came out of my mouth). I was expecting a "NO" but she told me that there is one "Popster" and a "Pink Fish" left...

"I am getting the Popster!" (I am never a fan of pale pink gloss, what's the point...that's my lips color when I am sick...) And yes, the only reason I got it it's because of the Kitty head. Somehow Hello Kitty looks less childish when it's in black and I like that!

I like the box as well, I am trying to keep this (until I squash it someday) like I do with those pretty Anna Sui boxes.

Popster is a bright coral pink (according to most people)...But why does it look kind of fuchsia to me?

Anyway, my first impression is that this stuff smells so yummy that I want to eat it! The texture of the SPF 15 balm is so soft that it looks like something that can be squeezed out of a Juicy Tube , and it goes on as a pretty thin layer (color payoff is nice, for a that thin of a layer) and the texture is so light that I can feel a part of it sinking in my lip while the rest stay on top for a very soft shine and natural finish.

The color looks very bright, I actually wouldn't mind if it's as bright once it goes on the lip since I love bright lip colors. But it's a tinted balm, so the color goes on very softly.

Bare bottom lips (took the picture after a nap and I didn't realized the drool on my chin until I saw the picture)

Two very thin layers of the popster, the color does not look clownish at all and it does a good job brighten up my face. Big heart for that!

Overall, MAC tinted lip conditioner has yummy scent, natural color, SPF 15 plus it feels light and very comfortable. A jar cost 14 dollars but the the size is humongous so the unit price of this is actually cheaper than L'Oreal H.I.P Jelly Balm, I would most definitely get another one once I run out.

Added July 21th

See how thin and nice the texture case you haven't noticed, coral has a tendency to turn into pink on my lips.


  1. That color is so pretty. I've only seen Pink Fish before and I liked it, but I think I like this color more now.

  2. both colors are pretty, that's what I want from HK collection, but when I went over MAC, they just laughed at me and said they're all OUT OF STOCK lol

  3. Hi Tiff:
    Pink fish looks kind of cute as well, I just don't normally go for lip gloss/stick that are lighter than my natural lip color...

    Popster it's just bright enough to brighten up the face...


    They didn't "literally" laugh, I hope...The place I got it mostly 40-50s ladies as customer, so that's why they still have once of each available at the time I checked...

  4. I think I'm the only one in the Blogosphere who doesn't like these >:-).
    Lol - I adore the Kitty pot but I can't afford to give 16 Euros for it :-P ;).

  5. I actually really like all the MAC lip conditioners in the little pots. I didn't get the HK ones, but I have three other colors and they are lovely.

  6. The color is really really cute!! Love it~ Haha drool on your chin! xD

  7. The color is really pretty! I was tempted to get this too but I think the price's too high for a tinted lip conditioner.

  8. wow it's cheaper than a jelly balm?! ahh. I have how drugstore can be more expensive. I can't believe they still had some left!

  9. Cris:
    Yeah, it was a bit stupid of me getting it just for the kitty head, but I do see myself using it very frequently (after I finished the NYC and Loreal) so they are more worth it than my wacky colored tendertone...


    I do love balm itself but I think the kitty head just makes it so much more fun to take it out...



    Sleep is essential and drools are inevitable...


    Gio: It does seem to be a lot but I think that it's worth it since Sally Hansen is actually around the same unit price as this...

    I do use up lip gloss pretty quickly so unit price matters quite a bit.


    Smiley: Not when they are slashing the price though...

    At regular retail L'Oreal has 4.5g of products and cost $8-9 a piece but MAC has 14g but it's not even 2x that of Loreal.

    So unit price wise, MAC is only 58% of MAC, approximately...

  10. I mean, the unit price wise, MAC is only 58% of Jelly Balm, approximately...

  11. *hella creeping*
    OMG I missed this collection when I was in hs bc I didn't know how to order online back then (also didn't have a car to drive to a Macy's apparently)


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