Friday, April 24, 2009

L'Oreal Colour Juice Melon Punch

People always say that L'Oreal is a nice dupe-brand for Lancome, as a huge fan of Juicy Tubes, I never bothered to try out some the cheaper alternative L'Oreal Color juice lip gloss, simply because L'Oreal just have a unappealing brand image to me...I mean, they do have the Gorgeaus model Scarlett Johansson (Who looks so much better promoting Dolce & Gabanna) but I know that Scarlett looks nice because she looks nice, not because she is "worth it".

Anyway, one little sale and a few extra dollars in my pocket is what I need...I went home with a summery orange gloss that looks like a gloss, nothing Juicy Tube though.
 L'Oreal Color Juice Lip Gloss in Melon Punch. Looks like an shimmery thick orange gloss with ugly sticker packaging. You wonder why I never bother to spend the money to get this eyesore in my stash?

The older color juice (I had one from H.I.P sub-branch which has a ball shaped applicator) has a lanted applictor that looks like a cross section of a sphere , it's flatter than the Juicy Tube on the right, and it doesn't make application any easier.

The gloss is relatively pigmented on my hand, the smell is kind of sweet and a tad bit sickening but notthing unbearable. I don't like how sticky it is and it's so shimmery.

On the lips, it doesn't look that bad but I really don't like the fact that the orange color takes many layers to show...and the color goes on quite unevenly, even after I waited for it to settle down. (It's so thick that it doesn't settle.)

And although it's thick, it's gets everywhere and is a bit gunky...

I still have the L'Oreal HIP one left, this is called Pixie, a beige one. It smells like vanilla over kill and the color is way way way too sheer that it just gives a sticky sheen and amplifies the red in my lips in an ugly way.

See the gunk stuck between the lips?

Never again, because you are not worth it...


  1. the swatch colors look fab!!! I love the shimmery glosses because of the nice reflection it gives, but oh no..really? There's a gunk between? I was looking closely and can't seem to find it :)

  2. Hi Nikki:

    look closely and you will see how it stick my lips together...the color is Ok (so-so) but the texture of this gloss is it never really settle down, just like a glob of slimy glue...


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