Duo Makes False Eyelashes Now?

Yeah, I just found some false lashes by the famous glue company...And they look kind of neat.

Hello flashy...

Each of set costs a whooping 10 dollars but you get a huge tube of glue (that normally costs 4 bucks) and a pair of huge falsie so it's not that bad I guess...

This one reminds me of burlesque dancers...

Slightly more normal pair...Is it me or the "European hair" part is a bit disturbing...Whenever I see that, I think about man with hairy chest...ewwwww

And on the box it says "design for deep set European eyes"...Like that's going to stop me, huh?


  1. Where do they get the hair anyway :-/?
    Lol though, it does look really weird and unappealing...'Handcrafted sterilised European hair.' Sounds like the hair was hand-made >:-). And how do they sterilise it?
    OK, I don't really want to think about that XD.

  2. I nearly laughed when I read "European hair" sorry,....but I'm Asian :( I cannot use them ? heheheh thanks for sharing, I love their lash glue, I dont' know how their falsies will be!

  3. Hi Cris:

    I hope they get it from a hair salon...I hope...

    I think they might use ultra violet light to shine through the hair...or they boil it?

    Hi Nikki:
    I think for Asian, these would make nice Halloween lashes...I either don't like falsie at all or I would wear the super ridiculous looking one...those these are kind of cool.

  4. Yeah it's strange a lot of the drugstore lashes seem to advertise european hair. I think ardell has that on their packaging too.

    I did pick up the second one to try. They are too long and now I won't be able to try them on again without thinking of chest hair...

  5. Hi Jenn:

    You are welcome. (Don't we all love cosmetic that makes people smile?)

    When people are talking about hair hair, I really think Asian's hair are stronger so I don't get why they want to advertise with the whole European thing unless thy are talking about body hair...

    European are indeed hairier though...

  6. the top set is actually amazing, they may look a bit "fancy" but they blend really naturally! i love them!


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