Friday, April 10, 2009

The Body Shop Shimmer Shadow Deflowered

No, this is not Stila, I just de-potted the pan (since the original case is lousy)

It's a tiny bit larger than a Stila pan but I can still squish it in. And if you wonder how it looked when it was pristine.

Pretty right? ( I was planning to just do collect the pretty floral piece. But I kind of wonder how it will look as well...So I dabbed my finger in and the next thing I know...)

So back to the shadow. The colors are both soft and delicate, the texture isn't very smooth but it's not chalky either. The colors are both very wearable, I just smudge the silver around my lash line and use the green as accent color.

I got the duo on sale at $5 I think it's a OK price for that. The color pay off of this is pretty bad, I had to run my finger for around 5 times to get this amount of color. (For Stila, one finger swipe is enough) and frankly, although I haven't gotten a similar shade for the green. The silver part in mt Wet n Wild mega eye trio Diamond has a much better color pay-off and softer texture.

So I don't get why would anyone would want to pay the normal retail price, $18. for this...I mean, it does get ugly the moment you dip your brush in.

Btw, there is a random typo at the back as well...

I also picked a blue eyeshadow single (or should I call it a trio?)

The pigmentation sucks as well...And my friend (who now has the Anna Sui butterfly powder case as a chair for her doll...and she called me childish for watching Detective Conan?) robbed this from me...Nah, I just have my junks scattered around and she get to pick what ever she likes.

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  1. I love the title :-P.
    But really...The flowers are gone? That easily? Well that sucks, I wanted some of these flower duos but I guess I'll just try to track down some Wet & Wild now :-P. Thanks for the info :).


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