Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Big Disappointment from Wet n Wild Spring 2009 Limited Edition...

From my last Drug Store Spy Cam Trip , I've seen different lines coming up with quite a few new items, but I was wondering where was the limited edition from Wet n Wild. (The shade from normal line is way too boring, plus the ugly packaging) which are always pleasant surprise.

Guess what...I spotted them today. I didn't get a whole view of the line up because they put it way too high up...I am a bit over 5'4", so it's not my fault) But I snatched each of items down and took some decent close up!

This year, the face makeup collection is called Starry Eye Slick...The name sounds a bit awkward, the price of each item is raised to 5 dollars (it was only 4 for my i-sparkle palette.) and the products...

Star Dust Quad
Pretty ancient looking color combination...What's with the glitter?

Meteor Shower
Slightly less ancient. Still ugly...

Outter space
Finally something wearable...But I've already have two quad similar to this

L'Oreal Wear Infinite Palette in Galaxy Gray (Got it for less than a dollar) and

Wet n Wild Mega Eye Trio in Diamond (for 3 bucks)

Then finally something more interesting...

Super nova.
I was in a hurry so I didn't get to take a good (non shaky) picture of it...Beside the gaudy glitter, the three other shimmery shades are quite pretty...The two on the right remind me of the Fanago Duo from Stila (beautiful color, garbage formula) and the shimmery blue reminds me of the Too Dolly from MAC Hello Kitty.

I still didn't pick it, not only that glitter ruined it for me. I also found out that blue and I just don't click...(for the green and brown, since I already have the Stila Duo...I will just deal with the crappy formula.)

Lash Intensen Mascara
I can already see the intense clumps on my lashes...

Anyway, this collection is pretty disappointing except for the last palette. And what's with the raised price ?!

I almost picked up this...Good thing the $4 dollar price tag threw me off...Yes, four bucks for a lip gloss with normal/ugly packaging is "too much".

I will just wait for the newlip gloss and nail polish realease. (Last fall they had two gorgeous set of LE nail colors...I only got one bottle.)

A bit off topic, but I spotted a really pretty teal plastic beads bracelet in "International session"...They say the sale profit will benefit the makers, people in under developed areas, and their habitats and such...

But I think selling a plastic bracelet like this(it smells so plastic too! )for 15 dollars is just taking advantage of those people (I bet they got it for less than a quarter) a rip-off to customers like me.

But it still looks so cute with my bangles!


  1. great drugstore fine, I find the wet n wild quad to be pretty exciting :) But its all base on photos :)

    Lovely bead bracelet, it does look good on your wrist!

  2. Yay, another post :D...I <3 your Spy Cam series ^_^!!!
    I actually like all Wet&Wild quads :). And the Diamond trio ^_^ (well, I would XD).

    The bracelet is lovely :). I hope the makers do get the profits though (as opposed to the store)...But it's such a nice bracelet ^_^. Great find :).

  3. Hi Nikki:

    Well, the last season LE was quite pretty, I was expecting a lot (not the price raise though)...I still want the see how the Supernova uad turn out on other people (who managed to buy it during sale, of course...)

    Yeah, if the bracelet were 5 dollars(what a plastic bracelet should cost), I would have bought it...over accessorizing is actually more fun than makeup for me, at least I don't know how to pile on eye shadow without looking like a clown.


    I am glad that you like the spy cam series...normally I am a bit anal on how pictures look on my blog (I want the cosmetic to look as pretty as I see them) but spy cam is just so fun...since there are way too many products out there that I am *not* going to buy.

    I personally think those "international trading good" is just a marketing theme, that's about the only way they could put such a big price tag on the product...I've been to places that sell hand-craft goods like that, and I know the retain price is about a quarter...And I doubt the maker will ask for more just becuase it's going to be sold in US ...



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