Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sally Hansen Comfort Shine Lip Glaze Sweet Raspberry

Another pink review. This time, is another Sally Hansen lip product. I've got the same thing in a translucent formula...Now I am ready to have more fun, let bring on a bold color and glitters!
Sally Hansen Comfort Shine Lip Glaze in Sweet Raspberry. The texture, scent and lasting power are the same as the Fresh Strawberry so click here for a review I did earlier. The differences are only in the shade so the review will be short...Kind of...

Sweet Raspberry is a deep coral pink with a ton of visible golden and silvery glitters. While the formula is sheer, but there is still a lot of color showing through once you apply it on the lips. The finish isn't the glassy gel you get from Lancome Juicy tube or MAC lipglass. It's more of a glaze that gives you a nice watery finish yet still hug your nature lip contour. (AKA lip lines.) I personally like this better than the super glassy finish, since it's much more natural looking and wearable than the inflated balloon look I get from MAC or the candy lips I get from Lancome.

While the finish is natural. I do think with the bold color and big glitters (not as big as the green DiorKiss I have, but bigger than anything else in my stash) there is a lot going on, the save way to wear the color is just to wear it alone.

Well, I wear color makeup alone there isn't a problem for me. Any summer is coming up(it's already here, I am wearing short shorts as I am typing this), the shade is perfect for the warm sunlight and colorful clothes you are wearing!


  1. And I do wonder why Sally Hansen down here only sells nail polishes and nail care! we need to get these down here! so pretty!

  2. Hi Nikki:

    I wonder why too...Since their nail polishes are not all that good actually, paying a couple dollars more for OPI seems to be a better deal than buying their nail colors...

    I have a couple Sally Hansen nail products but I found Wet n Wild offer much better color pay-off and nice finish for fraction of the costs...

    They should export the lip glosses instead...they are much prettier.


  3. The pot does look a lot like Juicy Gelees :o...
    I'm not even sure whether we have Sally Hansen glosses here in Greece. I think we've got some nail stuff and lip plumpers? Never paid much attention, lol XD.

  4. Hi Cris:
    I believe that they only have the slightly older version of the nail polishes for lip glosses, I've never seen any European bloggers talking about them...

    But I think the lip treatment works pretty well too. (Actually almost all of their lip gloss are called lip treatment...)


  5. even though it isn't summer at all, this lip gloss still looks nice :)


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