Thursday, May 21, 2009

Comfirmed Dupe! Nars Strada

Edit 5/20/2009
See it for yourself! Wet n Wild eyeshadow is actually dupe for Nars! (Click here for the review)

Goddess is more cool toned while Strada has more golden flecks...but they are all practically matte once it goes on the eyes. WnW also has a pretty nice color payoff when it appears to be lighter than Nars.

They look pretty close (Wet n Wild is less than 1/10 the price for Nars) a bit further away...Good job Wet n Wild!

Swatch arm is back and stay tuned for more!
Old Post from 03/11/2009
While I was putting the finishing touch of an eye shadow review... I just found out that the medium purple with gold shimmer of Wet n Wild newly released Mega Eye Shadow Single is oh-so-similar to Nars Strada...they are practically the same thing. (Beside the fact that Wet n Wild came with an ugly package and costs 1-2.5dollars, it was so cheap I don't even remember how much I paid.)

Wet n Wild is at the far left...You will see the review with close up picture next month (of course you can grab it right away since it's so cheap...) I want to make next month for pretty pastels as this month is devoted to pink/fuchsia...

You can click here to see a post (sorry chinese again) for the pretty nars shadow...

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