Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Issue of Spy Cam Trip

I do grocery shopping, buy drinks in drugstore every week and I carry my camera with me every you know, another spy cam trip.Picture were taken from within the past week at different places: Walgreen, CVS, Target and the grocery store. Hence the different lighting.

Green polishes for St.Patrick's day...I like green, but there I haven't seen a green nail polish I would like to buy...yet.

I was just complaining about the Wet n Wild Crystalic nail color about their boring color selection...and now they got two new shades...An brownish matte eggplant...

And a shimmery black! (Looks just like Sally Hansen Raven's Wing, I don't like Sally Hansen polishes though...) It's 2 dollars but since it's not limited edition or I am in a hurry to wear this black (it's summer alright, as I am wearing shorts right this moment) ...I will get it when it's on sale then.

Borghese Limited Edition Nail Polish, I love the to lilac shades they have...

I got a buy on get one free coupon for Milani (can't be combined with this one though
) ...but their packaging are so gaudy that I have no appetite for any of their product...

There is always limited edition! I picked up two shades, the gray MAC kitty dupe as well as a dark shimmering purple that looks almost black in a dimmer lighting. Randomly, the LE nail polishes are actully a quarter cheaper than the regular ones here...

Revlon has new limited edition nail polish, that's scented...I like the purple on the right...but I've tried 4 of Revlon polishes in the past (during promotions at $1) and they were all pure yuck...

Didn't open the bottle and sniff it (I am not supposed to), I think I might puke if I did...

New Revlon Lip gloss...*Yawn*. I never liked their spoke models that much...Who is this woman again?

I suggest you girls to get a tube of this for your man (or men?) this stuff smells like Nair shave-less hair removal cream: No female would want to be within a foot from him if he is wearing this...

Sally Hansen glosses are on my to buy list already!

They finally put the Wet n Wild to some place that I can reach...Still look ugly though.

In Target there is that Buy-Cover-Girl-Lash-Blast-get-free-shadow-single prootion...No thanks, the mascara and shadow are both that kind of used-once-threw-in-trash I've had...

I wonder how that yellow chalk dust will turn out on the eyes...

The teal is sort of pretty though... And the orange is sold out? Now I am curious...

The indigo impact looks just like a Revlon matte shadow that I will review sometime later...

Organic skin care...Expensive and works horribly on me *run away*

Cute pink mirror...

Turns out to be a brush.

I hate milani...but those little shadow look kind of cute...

Revlon is having a bogo sale in Walgreen...but nude lip gloss make me look sick in general...(I still have more than 4 days to consider though...)

Revlon's super popular matte lipsticks...The Nude Attitude and Very red are gone already...I don't like the packaging (so grandma)...

Now you can go skunk at a low price...I personally don't like budget brand brushes (not even Sonia Kashuk) although a lot of them have super soft bristle. For me, it's the overall quality that count...great bristle with chipping handle is a no-no for me...


  1. Yay for drugstore shopping!

    Those Milani shadows look awesome.

  2. I love your spy photos :) I can really see what I will haul if I'm there! i would go crazy with those polishes :)

  3. Haha, I LOVE these spy cam photos!! This entry is so fun! :D

  4. Hi Pixie:

    A little warning: The super glitters in the milani shadow is only on the top most layer...I got two last year and I felt cheated out...

    Hi Nikki:

    Yeah, drugstore nail polishes are awesome...The rest are just alright...
    Hi Fuzz:
    I thought you would never be interested in this kind of post...not saying it's a bad thing...Once I get a (high-paying) job, I would love be be all lunasol and coffret d'or...But I might still go back to those Sally Hansen lip gloss and Wet n Wild nail polishes...


  5. The shampoo smells like Nair? Aw man, last time I used that stuff I almost vomited, so if a guy would walk up to me smelling like that...he would have very interesting shoes.

    Oh I actually use Revlon products-eyeliner mainly- and I have no clue who the spokesperson is. Goes to show how much I care about that stuff.

  6. Hi Miku:

    The Vaseline bottle is a lotion for men...There was a tester by the side and I was curious who they would make a "manly lotion".

    It smells like cheap cologne at first sniff and when I rubbed became Nair...

    I don't know any guy who actually wears lotions...If I know any guy like that I will just say :" Dude...Deal with it..." (I put on lotion around once a month myself...)

    It's friend was bored yesterday and she just decided to text me: "Go buy Revlon pencil liner, they are really good!"


  7. I love these spy cam pix!!

  8. Hi Gio:

    I am glad that you like it!

  9. Spy cam yay yay yay :D! And yay ^_^!!!
    OK, now to my comments XD.
    Scented polish :-/? Odd...But I have to confess that I like the smell of regular nail polish :-P.
    The dark green nail polish (the one over the price sticker) looks really pretty :).
    <3 Wet & Wild's stuff :). But I'm a fan of bright colours :-P :D.
    And Revlon's packaging really is hideous most of the time...Turns me off their products. Which are actually quite good, but I can get similar stuff in prettier packaging :-P ;).

  10. Hi Cris:
    I agree with you Revlon has ugly packaging and that's the main reason I don't like the brand much...(Wet n Wild's is worse...but I love the product inside.)

    I don't really sniff regular polishes, but I do like them better than some scented ones....Anna Sui polishes are scented, I remember I heard that they smell really good in a forum, when I got mine, I opened the bottle and took a *deep* breath...


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