Monday, March 16, 2009

Lancome Le Rouge Absolu in Satin Fuchsia

Remember I was tempted by the YSL Rouge Volupte in Rose Culte (edit: I think it's provocative pink instead) a while ago? It was everything I wish for in a Fuchsia lipstick: Bright, true color, full coverage, creamy and mosturizing formula... Not to mention a sassy classy tube. After a few months of indisicison (YSL costs a whooping 34 dollars and that's not exactly for an everday look...)I deciced to go for something that's slightly cheaper...From the makeup of Juicy Tubes, one of my favorite lip glosses.

It turned out that, Lancome has everything I was looking for in YSL rouge. Well, minus the flashy golden tube, of course.
Usually I love the flower logo printed on Lancome's simple packaging. Le Rouge Absolu has a neo-sci-fi looking tube with a coffin shaped lid, it isn't all that pretty in my opinion. Actually, I've already decided I wouldn't want a second tube from this line just because of the packaging.

Le Rouge Absolu promises to be shaping and replenishing. (It sure looks that, see how it sweat under the weather? Well. It was like 90 something Farhenheit (30 celsius) that day Feburary.

The lipstick has a characteristic "Lipstick" smell... Maybe I perceive it this way because my mom had one of these...The fragrance is not disgusting in anyway, but definitely not as nice as the rose scent in Anna Sui rouge...

Le Rouge Absolu in Satin Fuchsia is indeed, a fuchsia with satin finish! The formula is creamy and moisturizing, I put it on it straight from the tube and there was no smearing or any sign of uneven application.The coverage is more than decent but it doesn't looked painted on (like when I tried convertible color on lips.)

Ahem, excuse by acne marks by the way...I was not going to cake on foundation just for a lip swatch. ( I don't like to cake on foundation period.)
Since I've never got much of a chance to wear the purple lip glass fro MAC (way too pigmented and glassy, so it makes my lips look like sausages, sick sausages...) Here I used a bit on the center of y lips...See how it instantly makes the look bigger?

Although there is a lot going on with the lips, the bold color, purple shimmer and shiny finish...I actually found the combination very wearable...I almost wore it out like this until I realized that I was dressing like a guy (hoodie, sweat pants and sneakers.) at the time.

Although the tube isn't the prettiest out there, Lancome Le Rouge Absolu is nevertheless a Holy Grail material!


  1. wow, your lips are pretty and sexy! :) love it!!!!

  2. Wow that color is amazing!! :D

  3. That colour's great :D! Especially on you, great buy ;).
    And I actually like that packaging - I'm weird :-P :).

  4. wow, that color is gorgeous and it looks great on you! Love it!

  5. Nikki:
    Thanks...(for the Nth time...)

    I usually don't like how high-end lipsticks look on me. (They just cover too well.)But I think this shade is totally pretty.

    Btw, the staining powder of this is great too, you can just use a tiny tiny bit as a lip stain and it lasts quite a while.

    I think the shade would look good on you too, look it up if you have a chance!

    Although I don't want the YSL rouge volupte anymore, I think I a still thinking about the tube...too pretty!

    Lancome looks a bit manly, imo...I always love the flower though.

    Ha,now I should quit looking for a red lipstick and go the fuchsia route instead...

    Too bad, the same line doesn't carry a true red with similar finish...the search still goes on.


  6. Sorry I know this is an older post but I had to tell you. I too am quite fond of Lancome Le Rouge Absolu. I too would love to find a truly red version, and I think I have. I was on ebay recently when I saw Lancome Le Rouge Absolu in a very sexy red. But it seems real. It is listed as the colour "Caprice" and is labeled as colour number 132. I looked on the Landcome USA web site - it's not listed. Landcome UK - nope not there either but some nice colours none the less. Rubis Flamboyant for example is quit appealing.

    The only one I could find was another one listed on ebay.

    I haven't received it yet so I'm unsure of it's true redness but I am ever hopeful :)

  7. Hi Melissa:

    Thanks for letting me know! I was thinking that if they actually have a true red in the range (with that kind of finish it would be so pretty!) there is no way they would want to discontinue it...So maybe there isn't one to start with?

    I went to the site and saw the auction as well, I am still uncertain because they didn't use an actual picture (and we all know how "accurate" those swatches are...)and I know that there is a Coral Caprice shade in the line so hopefully it's not the same thing.

    But anyway, thanks for your kind words and have fun finding cool new stuff! (Stila has a really pretty red called Georgina, later changed into Pamela...I am waiting for a summer sale to get it!)


  8. Lancome LaRouge Absolu Satin Fuschia -
    Lancome has discontinued this color lipstick -
    I LOVE IT! Please, is there a color exactly like it out there - perhaps Revlon? Please let me know what product you suggest to obtain this fabulous fuschia color lipstick!
    Ruth, Atlanta, GA

  9. Hi Ruth:
    That's a bad news...I am sorry I am not the kind of person who hunt down for exact dupe when I get something I like. (It would be a waste of money.)

    I have tried Revlon lipstick, I personally don't like the formula at all, it's not moisturizing or creamy and the tube is a bit ugly) NYX has a round lipstick called Pandora, but it looks more like a deeper hit pink from what I seen, Nars has Schiap, it also looks quite bright (I haven't tried any of those so I don't know their texture on lips) , Stila Convertible color in Fushcia can be also worn on lips but if you want a good coverage, the finish wouldn't be as smooth as Lancome. If you want a hot pink with creamy nice finish, YSL le rouge volupte is really cream and their provocative pink looks like a bright fuchsia.

    (Unlike gloss, I prefer high end lipsticks because their color selection is just spot-on and their texture is just nice, especially the French ones)

    I am listing a few for you to consider because let's face it, cosmetics will certainly look different on each of us unless you have the exactly same skin tone, undertone, lip pigmentation and texture. (Even if you do, you can't be 100% sure because of the lighting in which the picture is taken varies)


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