Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jane Iredale Sable Lip Brush

Buh bye budget brand brushes...You guys have been pissing me off for so long.

I've had this Jane Iredale lip brush for over a year and it still works as well as the first time I dipped in my gloss. No shedding, the words didn't get rubbed off (unlike the MAC 316, ahem.) and the finish of the handle didn't chip...

The tips is pretty small and does a good job picking up lip color, since I am not that much of a lipstick person, I used it mostly for tinted lip balm.

The MAC lip conditioner looks so cute!


  1. It does look nicer than the other 2 :-P. Of course, it's Hello Kitty ^_^!
    My lip brush is from Oriflame (catalogue brand), works well :), and I mostly use it for palette lip colours. I'm way too lazy to apply lipstick with a brush :-P.

  2. this lip brush looks very nice! :) i want that HK lip balm!!! :) So cute!!

  3. Hi Smiley13tree:
    The balm actually gives a soft shine, flattering colors that tones down my red lips a tad bit (mine is called sugar kiss) ...judging from the color and texture it's similar to L'oreal jelly balm (which I like quite a bit.)and it's 3 dollars for a pretty big jar while L'oreal is 8-9 dollars for half of the size.

    But L'oreal and NYC are very different from MAC though...

    But this balm also has a *very* strong baked sweet scent (some people find it yummy,I am still trying to deal with it, just think Stila lip glaze x2...I can barely stand the scent of stila lip glaze to tell you the truth. So the scent is somewhat bothering me.

    Well, here is a review if you want to see how it goes on

    I will try to do a review when I find a way to deal with that scent.

  4. It sounds good! I always wanted to try the jelly balms. It's not very pigmented then right? I can deal with most scents, but I have the NYC gloss! It smells like dish soap...

  5. As for the pigmentation, I would say it's decent for a balm. (It still depends on your natural lip color though, I have red lips myself so bright colors look natural on me but this tones down my red lips a tad bit.) This is the 2nd to the lightest shade in the range maybe the lightest one would look somewhat like a nude gloss...

    P.S. I wouldn't mind if this smell like dish soap though...


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