Saturday, March 28, 2009

I thought the Black Squiggly Sonia Kashuk Brushes are weird...

I should think twice...Just take a look at their new limited edition brush: The Hot New Coral Reef Collection!

The ultimate multi-tasker! Perfect for applying makeup, exfoliating your hand and storing the dead skin cells!

And here is a kabuki brush as well.

If you are planning to get this set. Can you please let me know why? (The brushes in limited edition are not as good as the one in the permanent line, mind you.)


  1. Do they really exfoliate >:-D? Lol.
    And no I'm not, 'cause there's no Sonia Kashuk in Europe as far as I know - and 'cause I don't enjoy buying brushes :-P.

  2. It looks ugly -.-' I won't take it even dream to have it.
    I just got my Sonia Kashuk Flat Blusher Blush yesterday n it has very good quality ;)

  3. LOL!!!! I wish I were planning ot get this so that I could tell you some outrageous reason! xD That is just... really weird... -.-

  4. wow that looks a bit weird for me hehehhe ! Thanks for sharing what's new out there!

  5. These brushes are ugly and a bit weird!

  6. The logical part of me thinks those look insane, but my crazy alter ego desperately wants them!

  7. I really love the coral reef brush set and was wondering if you knew If Im too late to get it. I love it. If you could get back and let me know I would really appreciate it. Im willing to pay a little extra....thx My mail address is :)

  8. Marylena:
    (In case you can't tell) It was a limited edition from a whole year ago so yes, it's too late already.


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