Sunday, March 01, 2009

I am ill with a fuchsia fever...

How did I ended up with a fuchsia fever when pink is one of my least favorite colors?

It all started last year with the ad campaign of Harajuku Lovers fragrance.

I am positive that I wouldn't like the thing they are selling, but the model really caught my eyes with her fuchsia on her nails, lips, face and even a bit on her eyelids. While the look might be too much for the day...I grew a fondness toward the color and git myself a convertible color in that shade, needless to say, love it!

Then , YSL hit me with the rouge volupte...

No, it doesn't have anything to do with Kate Moss(I don't like her or dislike her...I just don't care alright?) I actually saw the poster several times without any thought...but later someone on a beauty forum posted a lip swatch with many of the shades from this line, I absolutely love how the deep fuchsia look (the red one was a close second) and I became hooked.

Beside lips and cheeks, fuchsia also looks good on the eyes, check out a photo shoot from the December issue of Nylon magazine.

I like how her lips are lined too!

Fast forward to Feburary (or is it March...the one with Ed Westwick in it) issue of Teen Vogue.

Beautiful Model rocking the beautiful color(It got washed out alright?I took a picture of the picture...) in a Dooney & Burke ad...Sorry, but actually I think most of their bags are pretty ugly...including the one in the picture.

According to this blog post, fuchsia is one of the hottest colors (or *the* hottest?) in the season , companies are featuring the shade and it's spotted everywhere, even in drugstore!

I think Alexis Bledel looks pretty no matter what she wears, but the deeper shade of fuchsia looks even prettier with her icy blue eyes...

Not really a favorite look but I feel like throwing in a Chinese girl just for the "minority representation." This is a very popular actress (never had the patient to watch those drama/soap) and, in my opinion, lousy singer ( If it was not for her face, I doubt she can make a living singing like that) Liu Yifei...At least this picture proves fuchsia being a strong color, unlike red, looks pretty good with strong eyes as well...

Of course, perfect for spring and summer, fuchsia is also popping out everywhere else, like Estee Lauder, MAC Hello Kitty, Lancome... Many drugstore brands came up with new collections featuring the color...To cure my disease, I've purchased a few (a butt load) of fuchsia products...And I will be reviewing them all this coming month and at the end I will put a overview of all of the products. Doesn't it sound so much fun?

So stay tuned if you like the color!


  1. The Harajuku and Liu Yifei pics are the nicest :). Kate Moss too, of course (she's incredibly beautiful in my opinion), but that ad lacks colour XD.
    [Those new YSL lipsticks seem good from the swatches, I agree :). Plus the packaging's a lot nicer, I never liked the square tubes much :-P. Turn-off for me XD.]
    I'm anticipating your reviews now :)...& am a bit inspired to start using my fuchsia lipstick again ^_^.

  2. I love fuchsia! I'm obsessed with all things pink, actually lol.

    Can't wait for your reviews!

  3. Hi Cris:

    Yeah, the new lipsticks' packaging is just much prettier...lipsticks with rectangular cases just don't feel right on the hand. The old one isn't ugly, but it never made me want to buy them...

    But I think I am not buying the YSL rouge in fuchsia though, because I found one that, on my lips, looks a lot prettier than the YSL swatch...but that line doesn't have a true, plain red...So I might buy a red from YSL instead. (Or not, since I spot a "gotta have it MAC blush...)

    Too much temptation going on nowadays...


    Hi Gio:

    Well, I guess you will be happy for the next few posts, I have several fuchsia as the main course and several pink as throw-in as well... I don't like pink all that much (I have one pink clothing and zero pink bra or undie) but it does look good on the face I have to say...


  4. i like Crystal Liu. I think she's naturally pretty, which is rare.

    I love the harajuku makeup, and i love kate moss more. lol :)


  5. Hi Skyle:
    I agree with you that Yifei Liu (How many names does she have...I've already seen three on wiki...) is naturally pretty and this kind of beauty is not easy to find in the show business anywhere in the world.

    Tell you the truth, I used to have the biggest girl crush on her (no, I don't want to date her, just found her features are really delicate and I like her hair) actually have an account in her fan site just to see the pretty pictures...

    But somehow, one of her music video (The first one made me go o_O, she was singing in Japanese), her "Japanese" and "singing" both kind of ruined it...

    Then there was another one in which she sings and dances in a "gothic lolita" (way to ruin a good piece literature!) outfit...

    Then you know...

  6. yeah she shouldn't sing at all. and she's not that great of an actress. but she actually is pretty. and i believe she's 100% natural.

    i can't stand chicks like Jolin!!


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