Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Check this kid out!

I cannot believe that I just found out about the kid Gregory Gorgeous today, I've missed out so many good stuff...(Warning: Since Youtube video format screws up my layout, I've listed the links at the very bottom, these are just pictures...clicking them will give you...bigger pictures.)

At first I was wondering if it was a joke, having a beautiful boy talking about MAC Mineralized Skin Finishes (I am planning to buy one, so gotta do the research before hand) ...But all of his videos are very fun to watch.

(He has so many facial movements so it was difficult to capture a "Normal" look. And it took me forever to pause and capture that handsome profile in the first picture...)

Anyway, it's just much more fun watching him than some older-than-me girl flashing phony smile, faking gentle voice, squeezing cleavage, doing common sense tutorials yada yada yada...

Two of my favorites from:

The Q & A Session
With a "How to burp loudly" tutorial

How he responds to haters

I wish I have his personality too...

Seriously, he could have his own talk show.


  1. i just saw the videos - gosh he reminds me of my own little baby brother, who's the same age as he! what a hilarious boy! love him!

  2. are talking about the little brother who uses shiseido sunblocks, right? How cute...

    I have a tween little step brother (of course, we are 100% unrelated) who butchers Chopin's mazurka and doesn't let me touch the piano when I want to practice... I am talking about *my* piano...

    So I avoid going to my parent's house at any cost because one day I might just knock him down with the piano bench...

  3. oh hahaha well, a little sibling rivalry is good. i have a bit of a sibling rivalry with my sister, but not my brother, probably because i'm a whole horoscope cycle older than him, so he's a baby to me, and there's no point fighting with a baby LOL

    and yes, he's the one who's using the shiseido sunscreen and cleansing oil and all the skincare and comes calling me when he's out of them. what a spoiled brat haha

    so i see your bro has a bit of music in him. mine does do, only he plays electric guitars and drums :D

  4. He's hilarious! Really cute, too. :)


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