Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shampoo Girls and Shampoo Commercials

I have a sensory neuron principle that I never spend big money on beauty products that take care of areas in which a sensory neuron is absent. Aka, areas composed of dead skin cell like nail and hair.

I mean, nail and hair are essentially dead skin cells anyway, if I don't mess if up in the first place, there should be no need to take extra extra care of my hair beside the regular shampoo and conditioner. Even if the my hair is damaged, I don't think the treatment actually heals the wound and make it reborn, simply because you can revitalize something that's already dead. Hair care products are mainly there to cleanse and lubricate, I just go with what ever national brand that happens to be on sale whenever I take the drugstore trip.

But that doesn't stop me form liking Shampoo commercial. When MAC released the Brunette , Blond, Redhead collection, they were right to call a girl's hair her ultimate accessory...I think even if a girl isn't as beautiful as a Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, or Elizabeth Taylor, if you have a cascading hair that 's well taken care of, you would be pleasing to the eyes.

While there are many pretty commercials in US from P&G or Unilever...I am more gravitated toward the commercials from Eastern Asia, simply because I can actually relate to them. (Seriously, I will never have wavy blond hair that glistens under the sun...or that DD chest alone with the size 00 body...Ahem)

How can I not mention Shiseido Tsubaki when it comes to pretty shampoo commercial? They pretty much hired all the in-demand actresses in Japan (who doesn't already have a deal with their rival company Kanebo...of course)

One of my favorites is their summer 2007 CM.

When I was little (She was pretty famous when I was in elementary school) I always wonder if Nakama Yukie is really Japanese, not saying that Japanese women are not pretty, it's just she looked very different from the other actresses I saw... There are some rumor about her having plastic surgery, I my opinion, she was just chubbier when she was a teen.

I think Shiseido was being very wise (and rich) to hire her as one of the brand the spring 2007 commercial of Tsubaki shampoo, she definitely open the thing grand and nice!

Then there is one for the White collection, for people who can't stand the strong scent of the original one...I guess.
One of my favorite models Watanabe Anne, I don't think the lighting and her posture is all that flattering.

Ziyi Zhang For Asience (Another Japanese brand) , I don't like the TV commercial all that much but isn't her dress so pretty here?

Now here comes US pharmaceutical giant P &G, Pantene (I actually think that when it comes to shampoo, Pantene offers pretty good performance despite the cheap price, the only reason I am not a huge fan is that their scent is a bit too "old" for me...I am more of a fruity floral jelly shampoo kind of girl. (Clairol Herbal Essences was my favorite before they changed the packaging, and the formulation.)

Gah Yun Lam (Sorry, that's her name in Cantonese...) A half Japanese half Chinese actress who was pretty active in Hong Kong (when I was a kid...) She looks cuter with shorters hair but I like her smile and her dimples!

Yifei Liu, I used to think she is so pretty...then I grew out of it pretty quickly, thanks to her singing and dancing skill. (Or lack of such)

Vivian Chou...

Can you believe that she is almost 40 in this picture? I mean, I loved her so much for singing the TVB Cantonese version of the Sailor Moon theme song, and she hasn't changed since I was four!

Chilin Lin, many people don't like her overly girly voice, I am OK with that actually. She proves that 30s is the prime time of women.

Btw, I don't like the Pantene commercial featuring US stars becuase they talk too much.

Barbie Hsu, tell you the truth, I really don't think she is "beautiful" as how she praises herself in her two books.

But all the sadistic hair care routine finally paid off, her long, straight locks are definitely worth looking at.

Here is the beautiful Korean Actress Jeon Ji-Hyun

She doesn't look that good with heavy makeup in her Pantene commercials...and her hair looks like a stick she uses to poke someone in here...But in the Ascience CM, she is stunning.

I was having difficulty figuring out what language she was speaking, it turns out to be...English.

(btw, is it just me or those ginseng swimming in the water look like some disturbing slugs ?)

Another one. (Can't get enough of her and Utada Hitaru's voice!)

Enough with Proctor and Gamble, here is Unilever.

When I was brainstorming for this post, the first girl popped out of my mind is actually her...for Hazeline (under Unilever) ginkgo black sesame shampoo...One bad thing about the brand, they only hire some unknown (but extremly beatiful and fresh looking) it was very difficult to track back an ad aired back in 2006.

This is the only commercial that actually made me want to buy the shampoo, I mean, food for your hair, how cool is that!

I don't like the poster at all, just think their pose is funny in a stupid way.

Now for the colored hair....

I don't think I will color my hair until I need to cover up the gray, touching up is just way too much of a hassle. But I still like the look at the commercial for Shiseido Ma Cherie, a line from Shiseido that targets younger consumers (I guess, since the spoke model Suzuki Emi is a few years older than me and I think I am pretty young.) who like to play with colors and texture.

The ad campaign is so pretty that I almost bought one of their hair oil out of impulse, then I realized that I will not bother to use something that's heavily fragrant no matter how good it smells.


One thing kind of interesting about Suzuki Emi is that she was born in China (from Chinese parents.) but after she moved to Japan, she changed her name to that prototypical "Suzuki" and refuse to admit that she is Chinese...

Not that it's my business...

I would probably never want her look, not only the pin straight hair looks quite limp in live action. Constant touch up is just not for a person who is even too lazy to blow dry...I think I will look stupid with that blunt bang as well.

That orange dress looks so gaudy. But her waves made up for it...Thanks to Photoshop.

Cute top... Despite the wave, I think her her still looks pretty sparse and limp in here...

One of my favorite clairol ones, is pretty much a guy is following a "chick" with beautiful fragrant wavy hair...but the chick turned out to be...

Of course, there is another funny one in Chinese.

Don't you love the original packaging? The new one sucks!

To end the post...Bad hair of the day...
What happens when the puffy ladies tries too hard to look "young and innocent" (Image courtesy of Lavshuca Kanebo)

So who is your favorite shampoo girl?


  1. The Ziyi photograph is amazing...She is so beautiful :).
    And a brilliant actress as well, one of my fave ones ;).
    I use mostly Tigi for my hair (average: 15 Euros per bottle, give or take a few) which isn't exactly cheap, but I'm OK with that 'cause 1. I don't wash my hair often so they last for ages, 2. When hair has been bleached as much as mine (almost black to blonde), it needs care and 3. They just work really well XD.

  2. Hi Cris:

    Now I realized that the photo of Ziyi Zhang looks a lot more artistic than the others...anyway, in the commercial, she just looks alright.

    Tigi is around the same price in US as well,if it works for you, then the price isn't an issue...I am the kind of person who spend usually less than 3 dollars than shampoo and stuff like that...I do wash my hair almost everyday so I just to have a few bottles with different scents just to freshen up a bit..

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by.


  3. Wow, I read this from top to bottom, I only need to watch the videos of the commercial, will do this as I get home from work!

    Thanks for the lovely summary on the actresses big shampoo and conditioner companies hire :) I know their faces but do not know their names! :)

  4. Tsubaki and Emi are my favourite. But I've also loved Vivian Chou for the same reason she used to sing Sailor moon lol.
    Looks like you did a lot fo research into this article. Nice =D

  5. Hi There:
    Haha, it wasn't really reasearch, I just watched a lot of TV...

  6. I'm not much of a fan of Liu Yifei either, but I like Lin Chiling and Barbie Hsu. Hsu mostly for her personality in talk shows I've watched


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