Sunday, February 08, 2009

Physicians Formula Eye Brightener in Natural Eye Light

While most of the mascara, some of the powder, some of the blushers and some lip gloss that I've tried from Physicians Formula are garbage. Their eye shadow aren't that shabby.

I remember getting a eye-brightener shadow (while on clearance for $1.59) two years ago and liked it quite a bit for that sheer, natural wash of color and sunny sheen. So maybe I would like what I assumed to be the most popular shade (since it never went on sale), the high lighter in white. Called Natural Eye Light.

Natural Eye light is a white shadow with spots of pink, green and some gold mixed in. The powder is quite fine in texture and works pretty nice as highlighter. I mean the texture is pretty nice and all that, it's also a little bit boring, since the multicolored flecks blends in and just don't show. I could just use one of my Stila shadow to get the similar effect...

Well, at least this comes with a mirror so that you can just add that bit of light with your finger while you are on the go. (Needless to mention, the little brush is lousy.)

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