Monday, February 09, 2009

Peaceful Cohabitation

I like the gold i-Sparkle eyeshadow quad from Wet n Wild (the plum one makes me look beaten up) but the case is way too bulky and I am seriously running out of spaces for all of my junks.

So I de-potted the pan and but it inside the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Metallic Trio, I had to file off the part that pokes out to support the sponge applicator, but they fit each other now!


  1. that's a lovely eyeshadow!!! Love love love the packaging!

  2. Nikki:

    Urgh....I've reviewed both of the eye shadows...I just depotted on and put it into the compact of others...

    Thanks a bunch for your support anyway :)

  3. Re: your comment about ysl nude shades: You know that's interesting...I think nude colors give us more liberty with the eyes and usually Asian ppl like to play up the eyes more than lips. I've personally been on a nude binge so that has something to do with it. I also think nude colors potograph better with my skintone. I always look like a clown when I wear bright lipstick. :-0 oh well. I do think I might go back for the bright orange though.

  4. hey Skyle:

    Maybe it depends on people, my eyes are that type when I open them makeup like eye color eyeliner just disappear right away...unless I am doing an Amy Winehouse eyeliner and paint on...(Since my eyeball area is actually big , doing that make me look like a demon, according to my roommate.) Then there is another thing, eye makeup is a pain in the butt to remove...

    So in a nut shell, I usually keep my eyes the way it is, no mascara or shadow or liner, in stead, I use blusher or lip gloss, not at the same time though...(But I still thing it's fun to see how different colors work differently on each individual) Another thing is that I have a pink undertone on my skin...nude lipsticks looks quite out of place with the skin tone like that...

    Anyway, I think your profile redlips look great btw...


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