Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Deep Conditioner and Cheap Shampoo

You are about to see one of the most pointless posts I have: Some hair products I have.

Well, first off, I think my hair is quite healthy. I have never dyed (although the color varies in different lighting, most of the time it looks brown), perm, flat iron or owning a brow drier to blow it. The place I live is pretty warm and dry, (I leave it wet even in Canada) it dries by air pretty quickly after I wash it. It's pin straight like this

After I wash it and comb and let it air dry, wavy if I wash it and go straight to bed when it's still kind of wet...(click here for the visual, a bit messier) I run through shampoo much faster than conditioner because I don't like the lingering scent on my hair (I want to smell clean, that's it) plus I am too lazy...

When it comes to hair product, I believed that hair (and nail too) is just dead skin cell, as long as I don't mess with it, it will remain healthy. As for those deep conditioner that claim to "bring dull hair back to life", I don't give a damn since you can't bring dead skin cell back to life anyway. Any shampoo shall be alright as long as it doesn't tangle my hair or dry it out. I just pick them base on the scent and fruity floral is my favorite.

Actually I've used some more expensive lines while staying with my mom but I seriously cannot tell the difference so most of the time I get the drugstore ones, depends on which one is on sale at the time, of course. ( My rule is that, it's not a matter of life and death, why spend 4 bucks when you can get away with 2?)

So why am I writing this? Well, I took the pictures already and I do have a suggestion at the very end.

Pantene Fortifying Deep Conditioner...I think over all Pantene shampoo offer very good price/performance ratio. Not that it saved my hair from anything.

The fortifying deep conditioner from Garnier. The brand's quality isn't all that good, but doesn't strip mositure away from my hair either. The apple scent is so yummy so I kept buying it.

Garnier Fructis Melting Masque
The melting masque is the same as other normal conditioner, a bit more diluted I have to say, I seriously cannot tell the difference from any other conditioner.

Burt's Bees hair repair shea and grapefruit deep conditioner
One of the most expensive conditioners I have, just like majority of Burt's Bees product, it's...not at all better than the Suave that costs less than 2 dollars. I understand some people use organic product to be easy on the environment, but do you have to have a bad hair day as result...Well, it's not lousy, just worst than all of its drugstore neighbor.

Now is time for the bargain alert, check these out!

Flex Balsam and Protein Shampoo, they only cost about a dollar fifty a piece. (Since I am cheap, I wait until the 0.75 dollar off sale to stock it up, I mean, why spent more when you can

save?) Actually, I first get exposed to it back in high school, being a man of cheapness, my dad grabbed these from the very bottom of the shampoo shelf.Well, I bet company don't earn much with product with no commercial or pretty packaging.

He was also thinking that "it's just hair"...I personally don't care all that much, especially I needed to catch a 7:30am class in the morning (I woke up at 7:10am , shower and bike to school with all my hair wet btw, so I was pretty good at getting ready within 5 minutes.) . That's how I found out about the goodies when I am package conscious most of the time.

I think this brand (under Revlon ) is pretty darn good. Not save-my-hair that kind of good. But I think it cleanse and refresh better than the Clairol and Garnier, which are 4 times its unit price.

The shampoo doesn't have a watery consistency (unlike Alberto V05, it's only cheaper because there is more water in it...I mean, what's the point?!) just a normal gel form like the Pantene I have. The fresh balsm scent isn't strong or tacky, just enough to wake you up a bit in the morning.

Although I don't feel the need to start buying expensive shampoo like Frederic Fekkai...I have been quite tempted by a slightly expensive hair care item.

Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Hair Care Oil...(You can tell where the picture is from from the watermark...) I just love the big camellia on the package and the ideal pampering myself with something that generations of Japanese women have used. From Dalenna's Blog, she said that it's doesn't smell like anything, another plus for me...

I am still (yes, it take me forever to make a decision) thinking about it at this moment since my hair doesn't really need any extra care...I might end up being too lazy to use it anyway. We don't have big Asian market around and Bamboo Salt Toothpaste is as close of a thing as I can get from the food mart ...So this thing will cost me around 20 bucks including the shipping fee, yikes!

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