Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stila Major Major Lash Mascara

Yes, It's called "Major Major" lash... as opposed to their previous major lash mascara.

I just realized that I never did a review for this when I promised to do so a few months ago...Anyway, I had too many of them at that time and I rarely use them since removal is a pain in the butt...

Stila Major Major Lash mascara just provides deep color, nice coverage (so I guess that's call "volume" ) definition and a bit of clumping. the brush is pretty big (bigger than Lashblast from Covergirl) but doesn't get gooey...

Over-all decent mascara, better than all of the other drugstore ones I have, it's also a pretty cute tube to carry around. But the 22 dollar price tag isn't all that friendly. (For that much, I would rather get one from Anna Sui)


  1. You are definitely a Stila girl!!!! Thanks for this, I do wish Stila will come down the Philippines!!!

  2. hey Nikki:
    Well, I think I just have a soft spot with cute packaging...but Stila product definitly haves nice quality to match the pretty shell...Most of the time I am implusive when it comes to somthing I like (see my anna sui stash?)

    I whish it would be available in more places too! (By the mean time...I stilla have a coupe of Stila posts ahead...I hope you don't get sick of it though...)



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