Sunday, February 01, 2009

My Secret Girl Crush

Note to readers: Ok...It's another random post, but I will just keep a Category called "Love her look", just how a girl keeps her magazine clipping...

I do idolized some people...Such as concert pianists Martha Argerich, Helene Grimaud and ballerinas Ekaterina Maximova...But actresses and singers...not so much actually. But I do admit that I have found a new and ultimate girl crush: Then-actress now housewife, Brigitte Lin (林青霞, pronounced as Lin Ching Hsia) circa 1980s/1970s...

My only memory or her acting career was in some random movies in which she cross dressed (She creeped me out with that role. )I didn't give her much thought back then, but just a year or two ago I stumbled acrossed some of her fan site and found out that she looked quite stunning back in the old days!

When I looked back pictures of stars back in the 70s, whether it's western stars or Asian ones, most of them look pretty tacky with all those heavy makeup and big head (all of her contemporary went for that thick blue shadow and big perm but she kept the "plain" style) but Brigitte with her fresh look, stands out from the crowd.

The comedian Stephen Chow once said that people can easily tell Brigitte Lin apart from a crowd of good-looking actresses, just because she was different. I totally see how.

I didn't watch any of her shows back then (not planning to since I don't watch romance soap especially not those one made 10 years before I was even born) but anyway, she looks even better in screen capture that magazine shoots.

Totally aunt-style shirt but it look good on her...I wish I could get rid of that guy's head though...

She doesn't have huge goldfish eyes but it looks like that her eyes can speak...and her hair is so thick and shiny...

I wonder what do I need to copy her look...Maybe

1. Thickening Shampoo, to coat my hair with Vitamin B from the outside and to charge my hair a bit so they don't stick together. (But I need to grow my hair back first...) then a good blow up I guess.
2. Seamless base makeup...or I should just wait for my skin to behave.
3.Tight eyeliner
4. Black/brown shadow softly smudged around the base of eyelid.
5. Find a way to groom thick/bushy eye brows...

Or I should just pray to have her genes.


  1. She is gorgeous! I love her lips and her eyebrows. Perfection!

  2. She looks beautiful, so fresh and natural.

  3. Hey Pixie and Gio:

    I am glad that you both like her, I always thoughts that the most timeless look, be is fashion or makeup or hair style, is always the simplest one...

    And Pixie, do you know that her eyebrow is untouched (according to an self proclaimed "beauty queen" called Barbie Hsu) ...she doesn't even pluck the stray hair, speaking of good genes.


  4. I love LOVE her! I saw a couple of her movies. 3 to get exact. One movie she wore a floppy sun hat and bell bottoms (that's all I can remember). Another she had a relationship with her teacher (heart breaking). The latest or most recent is a movie called "And I hate you so." It's a romantic comedy (very cute).


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