Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lancome Juicy Tubes Cherry On Top

Lancome Juicy Tubes are either hit or miss, some of them have wonderful smooth texture, yummy fruity scents and a superb lasting power (I am talking about a half live of 3,4 hours!) while other ones have a nauseating scent that makes me gag.
Luckily Cherry on Top is a hit. the sheer cherry red is classified as a "smoothie" but they might as well call it "Jelly" because the color is rather juicy and shiny (instead of gooey like some shimmery ones Lancome carries.) and while it doesn't smell like cherries, the fruity scent with a touch of peppermint is still quite pleasant.

The color is very soft and flattering, those little golden specks actually adds more fun to it.

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