Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I won't be buying any more Stila Convertible Color

Because I have found the perfect shade already! This Convertible color is in Fuchsia: a screaming hot pink.
My Convertible Color Collection to-date. As you can see, the compact of fuchsia doesn't look as metallic as the other two, so the floral pattern doesn't show as well. (Unless it's under flash, which is in the picture.)
Matching color of the blusher and the case.

Remember I said that I love Cherry Crush for the rosy with a bit of mauve tint? Fuchsia is simply a slightly more vibrant and prettier version of it, the color pay-off is awesome as always, what looks awfully scary on the pan will just show up as a cool pink flush on my skin, and the color is quite transparent and natural looking, unlike the ones I have, which is a little bit too dewy for my liking, but they are nevertheless natural and cute, it's just that lillium and peony are a bit too natural, the pink just sink right in my skin...

I am definitely sticking to this one...Or should I try out the Poppy (red) as well, maybe not, since the last red blushers I 've tried, they both make me look like I just got a sunburn.


  1. wow..seldom do I read someone to stop buying blushes because they FOUND the right shade, this must be really really good!

  2. Hi Nikki:

    Actually I've stopped (or at least I am trying to) buying convertible color or other blusher since I pretty much have one or two in each color (that would work for me) and blushers take forever to consume....but anyway, fuchsia is indeed a very flattering shade (gerbera is my second favorite out of the ones I have) and I see no other CC worth trying...Well, I kinda want to pick up orchid...but then again, I already got some red blushers already...

    Maybe I should post a blusher family photo and overview of my collection here!

  3. Can you take a picture of it with the blush on your cheeks?
    Have you tried the color "Petunia"? It seems a bit more toned down, but I'm not sure which one to buy... >.<

  4. The compacts, up close and in person, look cheap, like a little girls toy compact.. I was surprised. I don't like Stila's greasy odd texture..


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