Friday, November 07, 2008

CoverGirl Amazemint Lip Gloss in Slaphappy

What is with the naming? (You get slapped and become happy?)
The plain-looking packaging, the reason I haven't really notice this in the drugstore after so many months...You might be able to spot some silver shimmer inside the tube, but they don't really show at all, which makes the gloss a nice choice for those who prefer nothing but a fresh, juicy puckers.
The texture of Covergirl Amazemint lip gloss is quite watery and this stuff smells just like those delicious mint chocolate. How cool is that, having some snacks without all the guilty calories with a "side effect" that gives you pretty lips!

Compared to the other coral/nude lip gloss like Paul & Joe lip gloss in that coral (which turned pink anyway) and Revlon super lustrous lip gloss in Nude Lustre, Covergirl Amazemint in Slaphappy blends in better (it still tones down the red in my lips quite nicely) and has much less floating pigment problem. The peppermint oil does give a nice sensation without any pain so it's quite an enjoyment to the senses using this.

I guess another yay for drugstore glosses (actually most of my favorite lip glosses are from drugstore anyway.)


  1. I have this in the color TOAST-ED and it looks like chocolate and I thought it would be too dark. But when applied on my blend to my lip color and it looks so natural! True about the minty chocolate, although I'm not a fan of I still feel ok for it!!!

    I love this gloss because it is NOT sticky AT ALL!!!!! Yay for this! I want to buy more on this! I have to check them at a local drugsture..the last time I checked we do have the regular gloss but NO amazemints!

  2. Haha I want it just for the name

  3. Hey Nikki and Raychel(hey it's you!)

    First the name just kinda confuse me..but the gloss is quite neat, a hell lot better than the 20 buck paul and joe I would say...

  4. hahaha! you get slapped and become happy?


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