Friday, October 10, 2008

Starry Night, Starry Eyes. Wet n Wild i-Sparkle Quad in Solar Eclipse and Celestial Realm

As flashy as the names sound, I have no idea what does plum has to do with solar eclipse or gold with "Celestial Realm"...and in case you wonder, there is another quad in this line that I did not pick up, it's called Star Cluster (click here for a spy-cam picture I took in the grocery store) , blue just never really works on me.

The package of i-Sparkle quad is designed slightly differently from that of the mega eye trio: The shadow pan, which is housed in a plastic case, slides out to reveal the mirror instead of having the mirror slide out from an enclosed plastic case, not that it makes much difference, I just like the trio one better because they appeared to be more balanced. The two double ended sponge application are little on the useless side that they don't really glide on the lids thus create uneven application. Ditch them.

Now here comes the content under natural sunlight(Is it just me or the flower bed looks like a human brain?)

Solar Eclipse is composed of a deep purple, peachy coral, rich plum and a light pink highlighter. All of the shades are softly shimmery, (the shimmer are lilac if you wonder. ) and just like most wet n wild product , the pigmentation is decent and the powder is not chalky at all.

Compared to the mega eyes quad, the texture of the shadow in the quad is finer probably because of its firmly pressed nature. (In order maintain the floral pattern). there is a little down side to it : The color is a bit hard to get out. Anyway, it should be alright if you get a decent brush for the job, like the flat side of Stila #20 eye enhancer brush.

On the eyes, I do think the main shade is a nice alternative to brown shadow for a toned down, neutral look. But for people with a bit of pinkish undertone, this color might make you eyes look swollen.

In the picture, I've only used the plum since I am still a bit hesitant when it comes to using the other shades on my eyes but as these moment, I think the shimmer and transparent finish they give is quite exquisite.

(Wow that was a lousy review. It is only going to get worse...)

Here comes the other quad in Celestial realm (Wouldn't it make more sense to name a gold palette Solar Eclipse? Maybe they are going for that larger-than-life thing with the color gold...) , a combination of dark brown, olive green and bright yellow, all came with flashy golden shimmer.

While many golden shadow gives your eye a little sheen or glow. Not this one, it's straight gold that's bound to grab attention. As of the main gold color, it shows up very well but looks a bit gritty, once you blend it, the granular clusters will be even out.The the shadow of the other shade all have very fine texture. The brown and green shows well but are not on the intense category, what I like is the bottom right yellow, it's actually soft gold once it's applied.

With the main shade used wet (the shadow glided effortlessly when damped.) as an under eye liner and all the rest blended at the upper lid. I only used a tad bit green and brown so you are pretty much looking at the soft gold on the upper lid and the main shade under my eye.

In short, for both of the palettes, the colors are beautiful, the color show well without being thick, you can use them as eyeliners the price tag is very wallet friendly. Get them while they are still there!


  1. the design reminded me of the Body Shop :) Looks pretty on your eyes. I bet Wet N Wild are coming up with better products huh?

  2. Hi Nikki

    I actually don't know who is wet n wild copying anyway, since I don't usually stopped by the body shop (they smell too strong) but for the two little on sale item I've tried from TBS, they seem to be quite mediocre...and each shadow cost 17 bucks if not on sale...(I don't see how in the world I am buying from them in any days...)So, in short, the product from Wet n Wild is no doubt better...

    If I remember it correctly, clinique also have those floral pattern things going on their stuff, I actually prefer it when the pattern is o the package rather than the product itself, so it won't get ugly after I've used them...


  3. Oooohhh thats so pretty. It looks like the Clinique palettes that probably cost way more!

  4. Hey R (Thanks for dropping!)
    I only remember seeing those clinique floral stuff in the blushers passing by the counters way I don't remember when, the pattern are way too pretty that I will probably be hitting myself if I end up using that...In the other hand, wet n wild look cute enough yet I was free do do everything with them...

    BTW, Nikki.
    I actually tried (thus totally destroy the floral pattern of)the green/silver one from the body shop eye shadow duo, the quality is not bad at all, the powder is quite silky and goes on well...but time if they have it for 3 bucks, I might pick on up again!


  5. wow!!! i LOVE the brown, khaki green and gold palette! the main shade use wet as an under liner looks awesome on you! it comes off like a gold gel liner, beautiful! i will definitely look out for this the next time i head out.

    thanks for the review :D

  6. Dalenna, as a gold shadow, this isn't really my favorite...Ok, I only have two gold shadow, the Stila golden glow (baked) just has a finer/thinner/more transparent texture that I prefer, but 4 bucks for a gold liner is a pretty good deal. I remember Kanebo Kate has a gold liner that costs 17 bucks and many people claim that kate gel liner drys out easily...

    And just FYI, I didn't use water to dampen the shadow,I was too lazy to walk to the sink... Instead , it was a $3.5 toner I found at the south-of-border section of grocery store (Delacruz Rose water with Glycerin) , the rose scent was too strong and the toner is very heavy. So I realized that it would be a slick solvent for drier eyeshadow...


    To R again, I meant thanks for dropping by...the scatterbrain of mine is really getting...)


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