Saturday, October 04, 2008

Lip Gloss For Kids and Kids-at-Heart

I believed that as long as I am blogging, the lip gloss galore will never end...See, I've told myself to stop buying lip product, but the outcome? You can guess it...

This is actually a gloss I bought back in summer when bath and body works has a min-sale going one fore 50% off...The package is not that pretty, buy since I don't have much peach colored gloss, so why not pick one up?

The flavor of this American Girl lip shine is something like mango sorbet...It smells just like those fruit punch slushy (typical girl gloss scent) and the texture is quite runny, typical again...

Since it's quite watery, it doesn't look bad on the lips at all, it's just that the color doesn't show up at all. Well, it's not all that special but I like it, since I prefer water gloss over those very glossy/sticky ones.

Just keep in mind that this thing evaporate pretty quickly once you are wearing it, a lot of touch up is needed.


  1. The lipgloss looks great on you. Too bad it doesn't last long, but then that happens with most lipglosses.
    I should stop buying lip products as well but I can't, they are so pretty lol.

  2. Hey Gio (thanks for stopping by again!)

    I've told myself to stop buying lip product for about 3 months now...and guess how much more lip glosses I've gain during this time frame, I am guessing more than 20 which means you will see them coming up in this blog.

    But at least I got a lot of they on sale (for 40% or more off) or even cheaper (some time at drugstore they have a little basket for the last item in a limited edition range, so lots of those gloss are under a dollar.)

    Not that it's a good reason for me to keep buying, but I just can't control myself on those little treats!


  3. this gloss looks so sexy on you!!!


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