Saturday, October 25, 2008

Benefit Thrrrob

Benefit Thrrrob is a soft pink with (quite) obvious silver shimmer. Although it's soft, one layer is enough to have the color that show and give me fresh face. The shimmer isn't allover the place so I will categorize it as a natural looking blusher.

Beside the nice color, this blush is special in a way that it gives an illusion of a clean glow, as opposed to the one you get from working out in a gym(golden shimmer does that trick) , like you just have a flush from a glass of wine (I am just guessing, I can't drink yet) and then you face has a glow from a combination of the drink and a chandelier that reflect lights on your face...pretty dreamy I would say. ( Although they use fishnet and corset on the cute box, this blusher is as sexy as its packaging, but don't worry, it won't make you look like a striper!)

P.S. I love its fruity scent!

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  1. ohhh i love the way you describe it! :) Makes it even more interesting!


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