Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Anna Sui Nail Color in I don't Remember What

I just found this picture in my web choice of background is a bit questionable a few months back, but anyway. The number is something like 002, with gold and green glitters. (There is no photo for the bottle because the I tipped it and all the polish poured on the carpet *ouch*)

I only thing I like about Anna Sui nail polish is the fruity scent(not that typical rose!) most shades are pretty but the polish chip quite easily...I don't like the price either, something like 12 bucks?


  1. First I thought that was its real name...'I Don't Remember What". Lol.
    It's pretty :).

  2. Hi Cris:

    Anna Sui usually uses number for all of their products it's something like

    number starts with "o" are for clear base
    1xx for blue based stuff (100 is their classic teal color)
    200 is their purple
    300 is pink
    400 is red
    500 is for brown is think
    600 is orange
    900 is green

    Apparently I bought a lot of stuff from then to know the pattern, other wise it's a pin in the butt to remember all those number, since they do have a ton of shades available.



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