Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lip Balm Galore Once Again

Fall is approaching (despite the fact that I am still wearing shorts every single day...) for people in the northern hemisphere anyway. Now we have every excuse to start stocking up moisturizer...The first stop for me would be the lip balm...since my lips tend to be the most prone to peeling due to dryness.

Actually I got this during the summer but didn't get a chance to post it on the last lip balm review, it was on sale for only 1.5$ , fragrance free, color free. The balm isn't waxy, but it's not super moisturizing either. There is a SPF 15 and UVA sunscreen in the ingredients so it's good for those sun protection paranoids. (I am one of them, but I am not really doing much on the lips for some random reasons.)

Blitex is a pretty good drugstore, no-frill brand when it comes to lip balm, almost all of them have sunscreen and provide a good protection against chapping. The lip infusion is a liquid balm with a roller ball applicator. The fluid itself is not oily at all but it provide a surge of moisture and some cooling effects. If I remember correctly, it won the favor of quite a few many magazines since its debut two years ago (or maybe three?) .

Alba Botanica, there it was. A little nomral looking balm lying at the bottom of the clarance basket. I picked it up and checked it out, only realizing that it was 3 dollars instead of the marked 39 cents. I kept it anyway since I was way too lazy to tell the cashier to cancel the order(plus I already got some sinfully cheap goodies, like a sally hansen nail color for 60 cents and l'oreal gloss for 80...)

One thing, this thing is a little bit wazy (not toa degree that it get on my nerve, but wazy nevertheless.) It smells like some tropical fruit...not that exciting, at least I know I can swallow it will my food with relative safefy since it's organic.

Despite the fact that some (if not all) of the skincare items from Burts Bee cause me some serious rashes and stinging,(The hair care, body care wasn't all that better anyway considering the price) I love the brand from the start because their start product: Lip balm, and since I accidentally kill two of the lip balm during summer,so here I go, buy enough so I will never be worrying about running out when I need them.

I've already talked about the original and the pomegranate ones in my last lip balm post, the honey one is just as good. They all get the job done without extra blings.

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