Monday, August 11, 2008

Wet n Wild Nail Color of the Day

I've bought way too many Wet n Wild items for the pass two months, the color of the nail polish are way too pretty to miss! Especially they were at most $2.50 and the quality is definitely not worse than other brands I've tried. I guess I will take a while to share all of them.

Rock Solid Nail Lacquer in Beautiful In Bronze, a very pretty shimmery (that's pushing it, it should be called mini size glitter) nude shade, think Stila Kitten as a nail color, that is appropriate for even more serious work places, as that spark of color on the finger tips. It won't steal the show from the rest of your makeup or just your pretty face.

The color is quite frosty, again, just like Stila kitten, but some feminine charm will be added if you use a top coat to add a glossy finish.


  1. Love the polish! and you've got really cute hands!

  2. Hi Citrine! I've been reading eveything to down here meticuously, now it's time for me to browse the archive! Lovely blog you've got going here! *adding to link list*


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