Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stila makes me feel like being in Montmartre!

Beside the colors that somehow mimic the sheen of my skin (gold, nude, light pink) , there aren't many colors that look good on my face because I do have a somewhat strong features, ( in a good way, I never get washed out in yearbook pictures. ) and most color makeup clash with them and even a tiny bit of colors scream

Anyway, being quite interested in color makeup, I am grateful there is lilac that somehow picks up my pink undertone and refreshes my eyes without making me look sick.

And the goody of the day: Stila Eye Shadow quad in Montmartre.

Happy frog loves the floral packaging of Stila (me too!)

I already have a few lilac shadow singles lying around but there are only two I could see myself using. Oh yeah, I gave all of the Maybeline mousse garbage pots away. What a relief.

I haven't really been a palette girl (since I personally don't like using too much color on my face or doing all those contour craps) until I found out about some Stila palette with very basic yet versatile shades. So I guess it was time to get my basic lilac palette, since the pre-made ones are better deal than those individual pans anyway.

The opened compact, revealing four beautiful nickel sized eye shadow in warm plum, deep lavender, pinkish lilac and a light pink. Although it's the cool palette from the two quads (Marrakesh is the warm one with brick red and brown and gold if I remember it right) , but generally the whole palette is on a warmer side after I compared it with my other lilac and purple shadows.

Overall, it's a great basic. That's it to say, it got a combination of four very wearable cool shades, with the typical characteristics of Stila Shadow, that are:

1. High color payoff
2. Good Lasting power
3. Super Shimmery, somebody find it frosty.
4. Soft and blendable, you can turn up and down the intensity.
5. Finish is thin as a second skin thanks to the decent color.
6. Fine texture that you can easily use the darker shade as eyeliner without damping it.
7. Dusty, powder flies everywhere after you dab it. But it doesn't happen on your eyes though.

If you are already happy with your lilac palette or have couple of Stila pans in the purple family already, the combination of the shades might be a little bit too "typical" for you. Otherwise, go for it and you will get a soft and artsy look as if you just returned from a trip to France and an endless lecture about how Marie Antoinette ate her baguette. (I am BS-ing again...)

A pointless eye swatch (should have used the natural light so the colors show better), since my camera usually eats away some color, I used it a guide to apply makeup: if the color actually shows well in picture, I am probably deviated form my minimalist principles.

But again, don't you think that the shimmer and finish are so pretty?


  1. ohhh i love the colors of the STila palette!!!! I love it! and i love the EOTD! Pretty!

  2. I love the Stila palette!! The colors are beautiful! I love purples, I'm wearing them a lot lately. Very pretty EOTD as well.


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