Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gel and Cream Eyeliners

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you would probably know that I love a thin stroke of colored eyeliner to make my eyes pop but when it comes to the normal dark liners, the ones to define your eyes, I admit that I have no skill applying that: pencils never goes on, liquid will cake...There is where I started to go for gel/ cream liners. They seem to be rather easy to work with (well, at least I can do tiny strokes) and long lasting...So, I started to experimenting with them and here are the two black ones I got:
L'Oreal H.I.P cream eyeliner (around $10)
It's very creamy and dark, but it's a bit too creamy for me that it's almost difficult to draw a smooth black line without some serious edge...I have a very shaky hand I guess. The little slanted brush that came with it was very harsh, maybe it's the way it's supposed to be so that you will make sure coat it completely to finish up an eye without poking it. The lasting power of the liner is incredible, which becomes a bad news for me since I screw up every time I use this and if I don't remove it well, I will just look like a raccoon for more than 12 hours.

P.S I've heard on Youtube about how those people love this (the black one only, don't get the one in purple) and how little difference it makes compare to M.A.C Fluid Line, I guess I am the newbie?

Here comes the second contestant: Wet n Wild cream eyeliner ($3.5 )

After my recent discovery so many goodies from Wet n Wild, I am already kicking myself for not picking up the palettes from last limited edition with pretty floral pattern (yeah again...) BTW, click here for a review on those pretty little gems.

Just a few week ago, there is another limited edition coming out with brow color, mascara, nail polish and two shades on cream eyeliner ( in eggplant and black) the whole series have a price range from 2 to 4 dollars, which is how it normally is. I cannot stand missing out some dirt cheap goodies this time, I was determined to grab at least one item from the line.

There weren't much to pick from anyway: the brow powder ran out and I doubt I need more mascara or nail color. There are a couple of eyeliner left, since I was not so sure about the quality (aren't most cream liner at least 10 dollars?) I decided to go for black first before buying the purple one for a simple reason: It was the last one on shelf and it might not be available later. Safe better than sorry, eh? (Wrong usage, I know)

To my surprise, this eyeliner works really well. First, it's thin enough, or should I say it has the right amount of consistency to give a clean black line and the pigmentation is pretty decent. The brush that came with it is firm enough to hold the product yet it's not harsh that it pokes your eyes.
Pretty clean line on the first try, I will call it an accomplishment.
Picture of my left eye just to let you know that it actually exists. (I have difficulty to take close up on my left eyes without looking like a retard, then I am too lazy to take a full face and crop it out) I still think I look weird with thick, dark liner...

Overall, i prefer the Wet n Wild much better for its performance but I guess I won't be using gel liner that often not only it doesn't look that good on me, but also the fact that it's a pain in the butt to remove. I will need to: apply remover and wait, wipe the mess off then wash my whole face...Three steps is too much for a lazy ass like me.
To add a finish touch to the review, here is a mini tutorial on how to tight line your lash line with gel liner.A great method for dummies!

There are only two steps:
1. Apply any cream liner on top of your lash in your usual shaky way...
2. Then try to wipe it off gently with a moist towelette, 90% of the time only a tiny bit of liner will come off and the rest...they will sink down between your lashes and create that natural tight line, so long lasting that you won't be able to remove it without some seriously greasy solvent...

See? (In case you can't tell. This tutorial is a joke.)


  1. LOL you are funny girl! But yeah, I only tried Stila and L'oreal Hip Liner..so far.it is good...I haven't tried wet n' wild and you got me interested since you chose it over the Loreal Hip

  2. you're funny! I never tried a gel liner before, I usually use pencils. You are getting me interestd in wet'n'wild with all the nice reviews you're posting lately.

  3. Hey Nikki:

    I actually don't see the point buying another eyeliner from wet n wild if th e L'oreal and Stila is working fine for you...After all, I doubt it will be only 3.5 bucks if you were to get it in Philippine.

    I was seriously considering to get a smudge pot during the fre shipping week on stila (still going on) , I like that one in cobalt/ jade, but then I already have two stila shadow pans (jade and indigo) that works really well as a liner, while they just stay on forever (without primer), it's much easier to remove so I gave up on the smudge pot.

    And Gio:

    Gel liner usually offer great color payoff, control and staying power...They are getting so popular nowadays, but as long as you are not as lazy as I am, it's a great choice compare to pencil and liquid, and if you get a chance, Wet n Wild will be a great intro to you. (Possibly your last one too, unless you are going for that super creamy black line.)

    I don't know how many times I've mentioned this: Wet N Wild is indeed (in my opinion) the best drugstore line overall considering the quality and price. I will be posting swatches on a couple more nail colors (when I get a chance to wear them) later, I think they are the best that I always make sure to check to shades in WnW first before buying any nail color.

    One of the other thing WnW is good at is probably the eye shadow, which have insanely good reviews on makeup alley. I didn't see a shade I really like so, but when I do, I will definitely update!


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