Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sally Hansen Lip Glaze in Fresh Strawberry

Lip Gloss galore shall never end...(Actually, I am trying to not buy any lip gloss for the next too much sticking around.)

Sally Hansen Comfort Shine Lip Glaze in Fresh Strawberry
It was only 3 bucks(normally around 5 bucks) , although I already have a load of lip gloss, I grabbed it without a second thought. The little transparent jar reminded me of the Juicy Gelee from Lancome but the design is more user friendly: there is a little slanted silicone applicator sitting on a flab after you open the lid, although some gloss still get pushed out sometime, it's still less messy compared to the juicy gelee.

Sally Hansen seems to have a fondness toward those optic illusion thing, although the jar look quite big, there is only around 5 ml of gloss it it, but then again, I thought that is indeed the perfect size before anybody get bored of the gloss.
As you can see, the texture is a little bit runny, not as watery as the Rimmel Underground (the one with a light bulb and mirror) so it's indeed quite natural looking. The staying powder is decent, not as long lasting as Juicy Tubes ?Dior but it doesn't dry off like water (Ahem, Rimmel...) Although it says Fresh Strawberry, it sort of tastes like fruit punch slushy to me...not remotely closed to the name.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Nude Lustre

I piked it up because I want to kick back my flushed looking lip a bit so that I can go ahead and play with cheek color and other makeup items. Revlon isn't necessarily a favorite drugstore brand of mine, but the tube is sort of cute and I want to try this one out so, 3 dollars, why not?

The color turned out to be pretty nice, it looks preachy nude in here, but sometime when my lips are redder, it's more of a fleshy tone. The scent is soft and the finish is smooth, lasting power is poor but hey...You get what you pay for...The gloss has SPF15 but there is only UVB sunscreen so keep in mind if you are afraid of fine lines on the lip.
Off Topic Alert: I will use the below part to vent about something, which will probably upset some people, stop right here if you are having a bad day already...

I know that it has been almost three months since I've seen the blog post regarding Lip Gloss & Skin cancer, and it's a weird time to say it now, I wrote a post like that in May but decided to delete it just realizing that it was probably not a fun read, but guess what...I am still sort of pissed so I just have to vent all over again...

First, I am all pro-sunscreen but I just have to say that it's indeed a very stupid thing to do implying lip gloss can increase the chance of a person getting skin cancer just because it's glossy. No matter how smart and "scientific" she (name withheld protecting the accused) might sound or how authoritative is it to see an MSNBC news page with multiples quotes from the so-called medical experts. In my opinion, it's another internet taboo that worth, for the most, a laugh...

1. I just couldn't take the blogger seriously after her first paragraph, something like "the reflective nature of the lip gloss will amplify the ray and make it hit harder."

What a nonsense.

First, we perceive something shinier than the other because more light get reflected (bound off, change the direction as it hit the surface) from it compare a surface that's not as smooth, where more light is absorbed. If something glossy will increase the chance of a person getting cancer, the real alarming discovery should read:

"If your girlfriend/colleague/boss (whoever you see most frequently) uses lip gloss all the time, use more sun screen!"

Maybe she meant refractive, as how light get bent as they pass through different medium, like the straw in a cup appears thicker. They are close enough (not really) ... But in the general physics taught in 9th grade in Texas, one of the basics taught is the conservation principle: matters don't come from nowhere. Light don't get multiplied as they entering a different medium.

2. The magnifying glasses theory from the MSNBC page sounds interesting enough for me to read on, but their words about who it burns your lip the same way a magnifying glass does to a a it made me highly skeptical since from my secondary education, I learned that:

Magnifying glasses, a bi-convex lens makes things look bigger the same way a straw in a cup of water, work to make an illusion on our perception while nothing is done to the actually object. And while using it to focus many beams of light into one point, you need to adjust it to the length from the lens to the object that you want to burn so that it's right at the focal length apart from them. In simpler words: You don't put a magnifying glasses on top paper and under sun just expecting it to burn like that...)

For that theory to work, first you need to make sure that there is more lip gloss as the center of your lips and gradually less toward the edge so it resemble a curved lens and guess what the funny part? Since the curvature would not be likely to be reached with you application (who put on gloss like that anyway?) of the need to actually be applied several inches, depending on the viscosity/texture/composition etc. of the gloss, away from your lips, that is to say, suspending in midair, to cause any minor burning they talked about.

3. This is one thing that really shock me, From the NBS page, there is a frequent use of the word "expert", they are simply making claims while no study was done, not even simple test. Am I going to believed in an empty hypothesis alone. (Especially it sounds downright ridiculous to me) . Seriously, that's a very irresponsible thing for a scientist to do, trying to make a point heard by just using his/her title. For all the "experts" mentioned I don't doubt their ability as a doctor, but I will still like to avoid them if I ever need a dermatologist.

Just because I am anal.

How unfair is that, when a medical doctor throw out some fancy words and a blasting discovery, people listen and follow but when it comes to a scientist coming up with an idea that's different, people just laugh and say that the person is crazy...

Ha...I feel much better now.

For the people who read this, sorry for turning a lovely lip gloss post into a 9th grade science lesson. I've finished with my venting already...Hopefully nobody is mad.


  1. hey the Revlon one is sooo shiny and beautiful!!! I totally dig it!!!!

    Don't worry about the rant, i heard about it and I didn't even really digested what I thanks for your thoughts and you know what? I would say..I agree with you!

  2. Yeah, I heard that Revlon has one of the best performance/price ratio...This week the grocery shop I usually go has a 3dollar off sale gain on all Revlon items...I got two bottle of nail colors, at less than a dollar a piece (the original price is 3.96USD) ...they are not shabby to tell the least, it weird that I kept buying nail color when I can't stand them on my hand for more than 5 hours...I like clear nail the most parts...

    I think I need to buy some "milk" tomorrow...hehe (that's how I got most of the drugstore goodies) maybe I will come home with another tube of Revlon gloss...I am thinking that clear with little sparkles...

    For the venting part, I just did it for my mental well-being...I feel much better now. See if you get pissed on a blog, you vent it off on a blog (your own...)


  3. I am waiting for the moment to get pissed and vent on my own blog !!! I seldom get pissed..but girl! if I wouldn't want to see tomorrow! lol


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