Thursday, July 10, 2008

I keep them in my bag everyday

Sally Hansen Again!

I just want to make this post short and quick(keep in mind, my thoughts on those skin care, body care, hair care item will all be short n' sweet since I only expect them to do their job without extra bling.) ...Hey, my job isn't a blogger anyway...

Sally Hansen Shea Butter Hand and Body Butter :
I realized that I need something I can carry and give my hand a little moisture boost during the day since the air-conditioned room is way too drying anyway, the city I am in is not that humid.

In short, it's packed with all the natural goodies (too lazy to type all of them) and although it said that it's for very dry skin, it doesn't leave any oily residue at all. The sweet almond oil gives it a a faint almond scent, lovely!

and Cuticle Balm
The round tin is just way too cute, and like the hand cream, it's moisturizing yet not oily.

I just have so many Sally Hansen items around that I reach for everyday...


  1. yay for hand creams! Hand creams are so important to me coz of my rough hands! The only nail cream i have is from the Burt's bees, which I am lazy to use as I'd always reach out for hand creams :)

  2. The hand cream sounds interesting. I'll give it a try when mine runs out.

  3. Hi Citrine!

    This hand cream and cuticle cream look really good!

    I usually use the Body Shop Almond hand cream but I find the scent a bit overpowering, so I end up only suing it when I really need it... not the way it should be! How intense is the scent in this one?

    And all the cuticle creams or oils I tried are just so oily, I can only apply them before going to bed. I think I amy give these ones a try - I am "allowed" to get handcare, skincare and haircare stuff, just not makeup ;-)


  4. Hi Nikki,

    I am actually a big fan of Burt's Bees body care items, they are all very rich in texture and I love the packaging a lot...but most of the time, they are a bit too much for daily use...

    Hi Gio:
    If you see them on sale, definitely pick them up! (the drugstore have different brands on sale each week, I just stock up whenever I see the price, I am glad this time I picked up something that I turn to everyday!


    Ana Marta:

    I am guessing the scent from this hand cream/cuticle balm is mainly from the sweet almond oil and since it's not the top ingredient on the list, so it's very faint but nevertheless noticeable and I think it's lovely! The same thing goes with the cuticle balm.

    I know what you are talking about the body shop products, last week I was in a mall just coming out of a clothing store, I immediately muttered to my friend that:

    "This smells like The Body Shop, where is it?"

    It turns out that, it's right next to the clothing store! The scent are THAT strong

    I have to say, most of the time I am not a big fan of stores like The Body Shop and Bath and Body Work...First, as you mentioned, the fragrance are a bit bothersome, then a lot of the products are similar (if not worst) to those ones you see in drugstore...but then sometime they got some scents are just so special, and when they slashed the price, I just lost control...



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